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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bunny trails and therapeutic photography

Can you tell I've been busy?

Today I put together the grocery lists for Thanksgiving.  It looks like we'll have 20 people here, and I couldn't be happier to fill our home to the brim!  My big kiddos will be helping me cook the few days prior.  Throw in a birthday and birthday cupcakes, (of course) and I have my hands full.  Always better full than empty!

Wait... did I mention the simultaneous Christmas planning that's underway too?
Oh it's BIG!
Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas is not my favorite holiday.  Yea you can throw a bah humbug my way.
But this year is very different, and it is beyond what I could have dreamed.  Imagine sand in between your toes, caroling with umbrella drinks and lots of sunblock.
More to come later as we work through the details.
Can not wait!

But now is a busy time.

Don't get me wrong, I love love love Thanksgiving.  Luv the cooking, the gathering and having everyone here.

So sometimes I have to resort to therapeutic photography.
While I'm bunny trailing all over the place, I'll mention that Chinese silks have nothing over the Vietnamesese  áo dài.  The áo dài is stunning.  The Viet young women wear them quite tight, exposing a bit of their sides as the top is split up the side to the rib cage.  Long white flowy silk pants.  It is gorgeous.  I have a supply of different size áo dài till Tess is approximately 37 years old.
Any who, in the midst of the chaos, every once in a while I have to grab hold of anyone who will take my hand and sit still long enough to get their hair brushed and take my camera to an empty field.  Lucky I have the best hubby in the world and gets me.  This is my bubble bath.  My coffee with girlfriends or snuggle with a good book.  My dark chocolate Dove bar.
Therapeutic photography.
And it is very good indeed.

I'm linkin up with Lisa over at Favorite Photo Friday and Stefanie over at Sunday Snapshot.  Head on over to be inspired!


  1. Oh Nancy, I am speechless. These are truly beautiful. You're right .. her ao dai is stunning. The light, her hair, her sweet face .. all just beautiful. I'm starting to get the "therapeutic photography" thing. I get how it can be relaxing and help you reflect on the beauty around you. Starting to get it. Awesome pictures. Beautiful subject.

  2. These shots of Tess are stunning!

    And I'm like you...just let me get behind my camera. It makes me happy....well, that and my sewing machine....both are very therapeutic.

    Well, although I've never caroled with umbrella drinks in hand, I have pretty much spent all but one of my Christmases in hot, sunny FL. It's different. And it's the one day we beg for really cold weather...just so we can be like the rest. Somehow I don't think you'll be making your way to my neck of the woods. But if you are, you surely have a place to stay! Remember, we have Miss Peggy!

  3. Simply Beautiful! I know she is a hard one for you to get! Have a great weekend!

  4. Stunning, beautiful, and inspiring. My favorite is the one with Tess on the white playground pole. Photography is my energy. Great post.

  5. Breathtaking!! (see my comment on FB)! Wow has BLOGLAND changed! I didn't realize there are (2) options of posting now. Guess I have been away longer than I thought!

  6. Beautiful!!!! And Thanksgiving is my favorite too...I usually add a bah humbug to Christmas, but umbrella drinks might change my tune. Can't wait to hear about your plans!


  7. When did Tess reach 5-feet tall?
    Beautiful as ever...

  8. She is so beautiful!! And the photos are all stunning and inspirational. I'm in love with pic no. 3.

  9. Oh I am so the same way. I need some therapeutic photography to calm my soul sometimes. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and your little model is adorable!

  10. These are just wonderful! I so wish I would have bought a pair when I was in Vietnam. There will always be a next time. Glad you had some time amidst the chaos for yourself!

  11. Your daughter is just beautiful. What a lovely post. There is something truly great about Thanksgiving, isn't there? I love the meaning and symbolism behind such a special day.

    Your Christmas plans sound ridiculously fabulous. YAY!

  12. Beautiful! Love them all - and you are right the áo dài is stunning - especially on your little model!

    Blessings, Ashley


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