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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photography workshop bliss

A couple of weekends ago I flew to Pennsylvania to meet Lisa over at The Long Road to China, and participate in a photography workshop along with a wonderful group of ladies!
First let me say, the time away, to be with myself and my own thoughts completely uninterrupted, was divine.
Divine I tell you!
I love love love my family, but every mama in the world need some time away to remember just that.  And I spent the weekend not making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not fishing Lego's out of the toilet.  Not rolling my eyes in the carpool lane at school.  Not being continually jostled 24/7 and missing the pants off of my family!  It was lovely indeed.
Second let me say how wonderful it was to combine my love of photography with my time away.  Not only did I hang out with women who were wonderful company and shared an insane love affair with a camera, (Hi Brooke!  The best roomie in the whole wide world!) but I got to listen to Lisa pass on her skills!  It was golden!  I've been trying to grow my Photoshop skills for quite a while now and I got to see her work right there.  Oh thank you, Lisa.  You are are d'lovely as I had imagined you'd be and even more so!
So of course, there were amazingly gorgeous models!
and fabulous settings!
and amazing styling!
and 24/7 talking about photography!
and DSLRs clicking everywhere all the time!
And did I mention the triplets?
Oh yea... I said triplets!
As in 3 of them!
Marissa, Isabella, and Alexa.
They were gorgeous, and they were total pro's!
I definitely see more photography workshops in my future!


  1. Nancy your photos are amazing! Almost as amazing as you are. It was so great to meet you and to spend time with you. Hope we can get together again soon!!

  2. Oh my, you are an incredible artist. They are all amazing, but two struck me above and beyond: The girl staring at the apple, and the bicycle seat. I still can't believe that you are an amateur photographer. Your work is equal to or above many professionals'!

    1. Michelle--Thank you!!!!! I'm blushing all the way over here! I used to do children's portrait photography way back in the stone age when we had to use film. I loved the work, but hated the business end of it. I'm just not a salesman. So I LOVE doing what I do now and don't have to sell my work to anyone. You're very very kind and made my day!

  3. I just came across your work on The Long Road China. STUNNING!! I don't know why our paths haven't crossed before... you've got yourself a new fan!

  4. lovely - I like your perspective! I think I need to start crawling around a bit more like I saw you doing!


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