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Sunday, October 6, 2013

My dream boat

Honestly, he is one of my hardest kiddos to photograph.  He does this funny thing with his mouth and tongue.  And out of nervousness and not knowing what to do he constantly fidgets and wiggles.  But he had been watching the little girls get their photo taken for the last few weeks.  And when he came up and asked me if I would take his picture, I jumped at the opportunity.  
He has had his "golf hat" for a while now so I grabbed it and took his hand and my camera and off we went.   We never even made it to our destination which was going to be a baseball field.  Instead this is the local Boys & Girls Club down the street.  I saw the blue doors and knew I had to pull the car over.
It's funny how when you have your camera in your hand, buildings that you pass by everyday look different.  You suddenly see different colors and patterns that were there all along.  Something you see everyday is suddenly new and wonderful.
It's funny how a child you are with every day, captured in a photo looks different.  You suddenly savor a silly little expression and a look that was there all along.  Something you see everyday is then frozen in time to remember a season forever.

I wish his Veitnam mama could see him.  He's just such a wonderful child, and I wish she could know how special he is...
and wonderful...
and good in his soul.
I have to break up this post into 2 different ones.
For my boy that is so hard to photograph, I have so many pics that I love love love. I'm beyond thrilled that I froze this part of him for this season.

ps---Some of you have been asking so here are the stats of these pics:  50mm 1.4 lens, ISO 250, f/2.2-2.8, ss 1/125-1/250 edited 95% in Lightroom 5


  1. Cute shots! Love the blue! Have a great weekend!

  2. He is so adorable and what beautiful shots!

  3. These are so fantastic, Nancy. I just keep coming back over and over to look at him. His face is so soulful and deep.

    I want to bring all my kids to AZ and have you photograph them. ;-)

    1. Me too!! Will you photograph my girls :) sigh......... LOVE them all. He is so adorable.

  4. What a handsome chap... love the hat!


  5. These are gorgeous, Nancy!!!! I'm so glad you changed your location for this shoot. The colors are so rich and perfect. Jude is beautiful. Oh, that face!!!


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