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Sunday, October 13, 2013

More & One Last Time

I told you there were more.
I just couldn't bring myself to part with these either!
I think he may be the yummiest 6-year-old man-child on the planet. 
Forgive the erratic posting for about a week.   I've packed up the sticky granola snacks and the Crazy 9's are on a road trip to see the mouse!  Fingers crossed and a little prayer that the littlest one that gets overstimulated at a moments notice and is known to meltdown with no notice does okay waiting in long lines and actually enjoys herself.

With Sunny moving out, this just may be our last family vacation all together.  {This is the part of the post, when if you have tissues handy, pass one my way.  It's that last part that has me all choked up.  I haven't wrapped my arms around her for 3 months now, and to say I miss her is an understatement.}  I'm determined that we're going to love the mouse, and $6 chocolate covered banana's, and 1 hour+ lines, and each other
And, surprise!  There are actually 10 of us going.  Someone was actually crazy enough to join this wrecking ball of a family.  Can't wait to wrap my arms around him either!

I'm going to try to post a bit along the way.  But that would require the planets to all align and a little bit of fairy dust.  Lucky for us I see fairy dust in our very near future!  Not so much that planet alignment thing though.


  1. These are fabulous! The light is perfect.

  2. Enjoy your trip to the Mouse, and this special trip with ALL of your family together. (and yes, enjoy your dream boat of a little Man Child)

  3. Getting caught up on BLOG READING and have to say...LOVE THE PICS OF JUDE!!! He is just too handsome!

  4. Thank you Lisa-Marie, Melody, and Snekcip!

  5. Nancy these are so gorgeous! Definitely for canvas! It was so fun to see you this weekend. Have fun with the mouse! Love ya"

    1. So so so good to see u too!!!! I'm rejuvenated!

  6. what a handsome little chap.



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