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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blessings and dust bunnies

I've been totally overwhelmed by my home these days.
Any of you know what I'm talking about?
It's not just cluttered, which it really is.
And it's not just dirty, which it really is.
But it has that dirty look like it has been that way for a while.  Which it really has.
There will be no pics of my home in this post.  That might just throw me over the top.

The good news---After a few days almost in tears about my inability to keep the dust bunnies (and laundry and dirty dishes, and smelly linens, and... ) at bay, I discussed with Papa how overwhelmed I was.  He had one-foot out the door for a long weekend away, but we did realize that if I'm at the point of worrying about the dust bunnies, window smears, and the unrelenting clutter and dirt that is accumulating in the house, then it really is a blessing.
Hu?  A blessing?  Have you lost your mind crazy lady?
Ya.  You see the crudge and filth has been here quite a while.  And as self-confessed neat organized control freak, I've been too busy to see it in the midst of some really hard-core parenting and character building that has been going on.  So the good news is that if I'm seeing the dirt now, it's only because I'm also seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  {Exhale now}  It's been tough here.   I think we're rounding a corner.  And as we rounded that corner I saw dust bunnies.
And dirty socks.
And finger prints
And the inside of my fridge.
And that muck that is a combo or dust and grease that accumulates above your stove.
I saw the mess.  And it's okay.  This is a hard lesson for me to learn.  I want to have it all.  But in this season I cannot.  With new priorites, there's a firmer foundation to build family on now 'since  we've been doing the hard stuff of parenting... and lots of dust.

The bad news---I have overnight company staying with us.  My mom and my niece who are sure to love us dust bunnies and all.  But still I want them to be comfortable as our guests, and when we see all the dirt and then company comes over and sees it all too, well it's just a bit much.   I took the advice from some of my sweet Facebook friends, "The kids will be grown in a blink of the eye and you can have a neat, company-ready house then."  Thank you, Annika so much and those that commented on Facebook.  So I ran the vacuum, changed the sheets, scrubbed a couple toilets, crammed the Lego back under the couch and ignored the dust bunnies till later.  I confessed to my mom as soon as she walked in the door.  As long as you're not crying about it, she said. Ummmm, ok.  Of course not.  And we went on a walk.  And a bike ride!

And the dust bunnies are still waiting for me till later.
Tess and my niece June.  Cousins. Ya, the dust bunnies will have to wait.   

I guess I should end this post, click publish, and start putting that laundry away.
Or maybe go swimming with the kids...


  1. I totally sympathize (empathize?) with you. We don't even have kids yet and I still find myself looking around sometimes and wondering what the heck happened. My personality craves organization and cleanliness, so whenever I have to let that go it takes an extra dose of "letting go" for me to also be content in that moment. Good for you for being able to set it aside for a while and enjoy your family :)

  2. People who matter don't care and people who care don't matter.

  3. Right there with ya sister...I literally just finished running the vacuum, wiping down the mirrors and changing the sheets. Laundry's next (there's so much of it I have to actually go to the laundromat or have it take days using our tiny combo unit) and then an evening of reading and rest. I hope. I too was so overwhelmed to see the clutter and the dirt after these past few weeks. Thank you for sharing your perspective shift! I really need to hear it :o).

  4. Hope you went swimming with the kids!

  5. Hope you went swimming with the kids!

  6. Just so you know that your not the only one and I have three less than you! It is my laundry that is killing me! While I am allowing myself to go to bed at night without it being folded it doesn't do anything to lessen the anxiety of it. Have a great weekend!

  7. I can so totally relate with the house, clutter and teenager issues!

  8. The dust bunnies can wait! We need more Tess and Mimi pictures:)

  9. Awww. You did great. Forget those dust bunnies already. ;)

  10. Oh my gosh! I too JUST noticed how dirty my usually neat and organized home is and I started to think that I wasn't pulling my weight and doing my job as a wife and mother (which had become harder since taking on 2 more kids with some serious issues).. Thank you so much for putting it into perspective! I'm breathing again!


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