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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Better than we hoped for

My goodness I can't tell you how wonderful our Disney trip was!    Here are a few of my favorite pics from our trip.  
We prepared for meltdowns and reminded ourselves to be flexible and just enjoy the ride.  And yes, we had a few meltdowns and had to be flexible.  But I can surely say that we all enjoyed ourselves so much.
Papa and Livy rode their favorite ride, Space Mountain.
Tess saw her favorite ride, The Tiki Room.
Sunny had a flip flop blow out in the park.  Rather than purchase the world's most expensive pair of sandals, she opted to wear slippers for the day.  I also must point out how Tess refused to conform in this pic and just put her feet together.  She insisted on being different.  
Mimi rode her favorite ride, Maters Junkyard.
Sunny rode her favorite ride, Dumbo.
Hand in hand and hand in hand.  Does it get better than that?

Patch rode his favorite ride, The Tower of Terror.
Jude rode his favorite ride, Toy Story Midway Mania.
Boo rode his favorite ride, Indiana Jones.
I made everyone ride my favorite ride with me, The Jungle Boat Cruise.  Or maybe it's The Pirates of the Caribbean.  Or Soaring Over California.
Either way I made them all come on it with me.
A few times.
We loved a chocolate covered banana or two.  The little girls were beside themselves to spy princesses several times a day.
Cars Land looks so magical at night.  
The big boys hung out together and even had some time on their own to ride the big roller coasters again and again and again.  They got to go off on their own!  That was special time indeed.
Watching my children all together was the best part of all for me.   For a large portion of the day, Mimi and Tess rode on several of the big people's shoulders.  We're pretty sure it was a best seat in the house.  The big ones competed to sit next to the little ones.  And the little ones just adored the attention that was pored on them.  My big kids, who kinda aren't really "kids" anymore, just liked being together... and with us, their "old" parents.  That's the best for a mama.  The best.
Our 4 bigs rode this roller coaster at least 4 times!
I wrapped my arms around Sunny and soaked her in for 3 whole days.  Then again, I think we all did that.
Papa and I got a night to ourselves, and we found ourselves a wonderful little Viet restaurant about 10 minutes from the park.  We sat and talked to the owner for about an hour; a wonderful man who is just 2 years older then we are, who remembers the Vietnamese American war first hand as a child, was one of the Vietnamese boat people rescued by a French cargo ship, and eventually made himself an amazing life here.

Back to the happiest place on Earth...
The ride home was a bit excruciating.  We were tired and our bones ached from 3 full days of walking around in the park.  7 hours of just-hurry-up-and-get-home-as-soon-as-possible.
Most of all we soaked in the time together and I watched their smiles and their interactions with one another.  It was just a wonderful and fun trip!

Then we got home, and I started in on the laundry again.  I really should have brought home more magic fairy dust.


  1. Love all the great photos! Glad you are able to get away and have some fun! Where are the boys? Did they just refuse to be photographed?

    1. Ooops. Missed many of the pics when I posted! Okay I added them. Thx for pointing it out Kelleyn

  2. Fantastic Pictures, and Wonderful Memories! I love Disneyland!!

  3. Oh I just love all my kiddos together:) Yours are all beautiful. Love the smiles, the fun, the love......Great pics as always. Glad the meltdowns were minimal for ya!

  4. So glad you had a good time....looks like an awesome trip:)


  5. Your photos are all amazing, but the one with your three little mickeys, back facing us with arms around each other melted my heart!!! LOVE!

  6. Wonder photos and family vacation! Blessed family.

  7. Yay for an awesome trip to Disneyland!!! Your photos say it all- fun, fun, and FUN! The joy on all their faces? Priceless. Hope you snapped a few with you in them too, even if they didn't make the top pics for the bloggity blog. ;)

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! My family took my brother and I to Disney World when we were young, but I would love to go back as an adult! I was wondering if there was a particular lens that you prefer for trips and memories like this, or if you bring a few? I absolutely love what my 50mm can do, and how it does in low light, but it would be a tough lens to have when I need the zoom capability.

    1. Absolutely go back as an adult it you can. It's even better! Re lenses, I ususally only travel with my 50mm. All these are with my 50. It's light weight, tack sharp, great in low light and if I need zoom, it's sharp enough that I can crop real tight in editing, like the pic of the 4 kiddos in the roller coaster. Sometime I do travel with my 24-70mm but not for anything that I'll do a ton of walking with since it's heavy.

  9. Getting caught up on all the fun!! Enjoying all the pics!!!!


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