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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back to the cabin

First, just a tiny bit of business.  There are very few seats left for the beginner's photography class left.  If we've talked via email or you're thinking about taking the class and just haven't signed up yet, don't wait too long.  I don't want to make the class too big, so I will not be adding extra seats. 

To answer a couple questions re the class
Yes, I assume since the 7-week class ends in December, that we'll be taking about taking Christmas pictures quite a bit.  
No, there are no specific times to "check in" to the class.  The private forum is available 24/7, and I check in many times a day myself.  
Yes, you can really be a total beginner.  And yes, even if you're shooting in Manual mode already, but just want to get a better handle on all those settings, this would be a great class for you.
Many more details of the class and link to register are here.  

Now the mountains.
We're not all desert here in Arizona.  My mom said she was so surprised when she came from Ohio as a young woman and saw these gorgeous high mountain scenes.  

In this pic the elevation is about 9,000'.  Among the alpines and ponderosas you can see the aspens just starting to turn.  
Papa and I had the opportunity to leave for a quick get away this weekend.  If you follow me over on Instagram you saw several snippets of our quick trip.

Putting our marriage first, over children, work and the busy-ness of life isn't something that comes naturally or easily for me, but it is something we have continually strived to do since we had children.  We're pretty good at getting out for date nights.  But an overnighter is much tougher for this mama.  Something about the children in the middle of the night that may need their mama that just doesn't sit easily with me.  What if we're not there...
Who will tuck them in?
Who will calm them after a bad dream?
Who will run with tissues for the midnight bloody nose?
Who will read them the next chapter of The Mouse and the Motorcycle?
Who will say their prayers with them or make sure they practice their saxophone?

Evidently we're über fortunate and have a huge support network and lots of folks will!  I'm just not so good at letting it happen.

But marriage is really important, it is the foundation that we parent on and needs to be the priority over our children.  {Gulp.  That's a toughy for mamas especially.  But yes, I'm sticking to it.  My relationship with my husband is more important than my relationship with my children.}  So once or twice a year we try to make time for a weekend alone, or at least a night away.  It's not easy, and I will admit there were years that it didn't happen.  But as the years have passed, I have realized that it is that important.  So at Papa's insistence, I kinda went kicking and screaming this time.  And as often happens, he was so right and I was wrong.
It was bliss.

We needed those 24 hours to be together and not rushed or interrupted or jostled.
Just us and our thoughts and discussions.
Sometimes just us and nothing said in our silence.
After 25 years together, the silence is far from awkward.  There's a calming security when neither of us feel a need to say anything to the other and just be together.

In the middle of the silences, we talked a lot, and I'm pretty sure that in those 24 hours we solved all the problems of the world, including the stresses in our own family.  We talked and read aloud and took notes about our family and came up with a few new game plans to implement for when we got home.   We drove around for no particular reason and he let me stop multiple times to jump out and take photos.  We ate breakfast out and skipped dinner in lieu of smore's at the fireplace at the cabin.
And it was divine.
24 hours and it simultaneously felt like a week and a blink of an eye.


  1. So important to make time for each other. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love this! I was wondering why we don't see many shots of your husband. Camera shy?

  3. Way to go! <3 We love to go on dates too. It feels so good. It's even better than it was when we were kids. ;)

  4. Loved everything about this post (the words, the pictures and the realness)!! Well, everything except the part about the photography class that I will miss :(


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