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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

She's pretty sure pink is a flavor

She's been on the blog a lot lately.
You'd hardly know that she has been a bear to photograph!  When she sees the camera coming she instantly turns surly.  She even turns her back on me!  It took me a couple tries, my whole bag of tricks and lots of distractions to get these birthday pics of her, which in our family is a tradition.  You can't get past your birthday without mama documenting it with a portrait.
But as you can see, she came around eventually!
Especially when we rolled out her birthday present, a petite aqua-colored beach cruiser!  Now she doesn't have to ride Jude's bike any more!
Her birthday dinner, as requested, was chicken pasta Alfredo, pretzels, and celery with cream cheese.  Celery, Pasta and noodles are her favorite foods ever.  Yep, I said celery.  Cerery is so not on her high fat diet!
I asked her what flavor cupcakes she wanted.  Chocolate and pink she said.  So also made to order were chocolate fudge with chocolate chips and pink frosting cupcakes.  I'm pretty sure pink is a flavor in her mind.
What's a birthday without some gift giving?  And I'm happy to say that she was tickled pink with her booty.  Her smiles said it all!
(Here, Liv is reading Tess a birthday card from Sunny.  Sunny is here in spirit for our little celebrations.  Which still isn't the same thing but it's all I got.)

Followed by lots of bike riding in 100 degree temps.  Followed by a couple hours of swimming 'cause swimming pools magically erase the stench created by the aforementioned hot-weather bike riding!  Followed by they-all-fell-asleep-the-instant-their-heads-hit-the-pillow-at-6:30pm-just-the-way-mama-planned-it sleeping.
Happy 6th birthday you sweet gorgeous girl!

(2 more birthdays coming very soon in the Crazy 9 birthday blitzkrieg. My cupcakes making skills are getting a workout!)


  1. Happy birthday to your little lady!!♡

    AWESOME pics!!!!☆

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love that bike!

  3. First= YOU won the picture battle! Love them all! I think my facorite is the one of her on her bike with the "look mom, no feet", the closer of the two... but it's a hard call.

    Second= Of course Pink is a flavor!! As is blue.. and green... lol... at least my students are sure they are too. And really, the whole blue thing kind of proves it.. Blue raspberry? sure doesn't taste like raspberry, it's just blue!

  4. Oh my! my! MY!!! I think we were the ones GIFTED!! These photos are just downright ADORABLE!! LOVE THE THEATRICS on the BIKE!! Especially photo #18!! WHAT A DOLL BABY TESS IS!! Happy Birthday again SWEET TESS!!

  5. You must be using a ton if restraint in not eating all the cupcakes!

  6. so much happiness captured in these lovely images - looks like it was fantastic day celebrating Tess!

  7. Looks like she has a wonderful birthday - and such amazing pictures. I have to completely agree though, that I too consider pink to be a flavour.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  8. Love all the pictures! My favorite is the one with her feet in the air and pigtails flying:) She's adorable, and you must have done some good bribing! One little boy walked into a boutique with his mom, rolled his eyes and wrinkled his nose in disgust and said "It even SMELLS pink" maybe pink has a smell too?

  9. Pink is a perfectly delightful flavor! I can see why she picked it.

    And I love her cruiser! Madeline was also tickled to receive her own (pink) bike on her last birthday so she didn't have to ride her brother's old bike anymore. What our girls tolerate for a little speed! lol

    Happy Birthday Tess!

    Looks like it was a pretty awesome one! I'm just mad your mama didn't send me any of your cupcakes. But I think I'll let it slide this time.

  10. Ok. You totally need to print & frame that pic of Tess with her feet up on the bike! I will if you don't!! ;) That girl is just so stinkin' adorable! Happy Birthday Tess!!!


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