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Friday, September 27, 2013

On our walk

The temperatures here have finally cooled off enough to start walking again.  
So after breakfasts is eaten and the lunches are packed, after all the teeth are brushed and the school bus waved goodbye to, after the bigs have loaded their backpacks and are sent on their not so merry way to school... then Mimi and I take a walk.

She's really into her sunglasses right now.  
Can't say that I blame her either since they seem to accentuate her cuteness even more... as if that was even possible!

Linking up with the amazing Lisa over at Favorite Photo Friday.


  1. Your photography is constantly stunning! Your children are so lucky to have you to document their growing up! <3

  2. She is mostly definitely upping the cuteness factor with those shades. What a fun time ya'll must have together on your walks. I used to walk with Caleb (pushing him in the stroller) shortly after he came home from China. I enjoyed those morning walks together.


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