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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Name suggestions needed

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Mia, an artist way over on the other side of the world in Australia (Isn't the internet an amazing thing sometimes!) and started swooning over her work.  
Her work reminds me a bit of Mary Cassett but her images are current.

I honestly don't remember how I found her.
Or maybe she found me.
Or just maybe I stalked her repetitively commented on her blog and Facebook page until she considered getting a restraining order but seeing as how I live thousands of miles away and don't have any frequent flier miles it just seemed easier to strike up a conversation with the crazy mom.
Or like I said maybe she found me. I don't remember which.
Be we've been "talking" back and forth a while now.

Then I posted these images and she asked me if she could paint one of my photographs.
Certainly you have dialed up the wrong soccer mom wanna be photographer blogger?  (Do you call that a photograblogger?)
Her post here explains it far better than I can.  Ya, she's double talented and can paint and write!

It took me less than a nanosecond to say yes and long story short lookie!  It's not done yet, but if you're following my Facebook page you've seen the progress over the last week.  It's like watching something come to life!
I am just amazingly honored that she'd be inspired by one of my images and every time I look at it coming to life I just can't seem to find the right words.  Both the photo and paining in progress represent so much to me and speak volumes about Tess and her journey.  The Lord has had Tess walk a tough path and it's our honor to hold her hand as we walk it together.  She is our treasure and I mean it when I say that no person in the world has taught me more about life and myself than she has.  Our journey together on the path is far from over, but as I've mentioned in past posts, our fear is large gone.  Released.
Mia, your gift is just amazing.  Sometime life inspires art and sometimes art inspires life.  Both inspirations are blessings. My photo may have inspired you and in turn your work inspires me.  Thank you for that!  

Any way, this is where you, sweet blog readers come in.  I have a favor to ask.  Mia has given me the privilege of naming this piece.  I'm not taking this honor lightly.  I have some ideas.  But nothing seems quite right yet. To be frank, I'm not a very good "namer" of images.  It's a long story but I'm a minimalist at least as far as naming is concerned.  (As the name of this post demonstrates!)

I'm looking for some suggestions for a title for Mia's image of Tess and the butterfly.  Think out of the box.  Or go ahead and think in it.  Short, long, big words or little.  All's good.  
Would you please comment with your suggestions?


  1. Flutter Bye

    ~Michele Ray Huff

  2. Such a stunning photo to begin with.. now it's becoming a wonderful painting.. such a path and journey that Tess has traveled and will travel, what a blessing you have had and will continue to have as you travel this path with her.. hmm.. a name for this beautiful work of art.. I agree with Melissa, I like "Released", or perhaps "The Release".

  3. Ok, it to me it looks like the butterfly is flying towards her not away. Am I seeing that correctly?

    1. It's flying away. The head is by the darker wing tips end.

  4. First and foremost...this painting is breathtaking. What an honor! Nancy, I have come to adore your family, even if only through the internet. I have admired your raw take on situations and loved how it is not "watered down" to appeal to the masses. I have cheered along with you, shared tears with you and even LEARNED so much from you that far exceeds your wonderful photography talent.

    Just as the growth of the butterfly, I have watched your sweet girl emerge w/such beauty. I have watched from afar as she has tested "her wings" and watched in complete awe of her beauty and wondered how this "beautiful creature" who started such a painful life, "inched" her way along such a terse and lonely beginning emerge w/great sustenance. I have watched Tess "enjoy the sweet nectar of the NEW LIFE" she has been given. In the "cocoon" of that institution, a miraculous "change" was underway. A child known to us as TESS... has landed in each of our hearts.

    I think the butterfly in this painting is such a great depiction of the the TESS we all have come to adore.

    I can only say my suggestion would be either one of these:

    The FLIGHT

  5. I love this picture. It is breathtaking, truly! What an honor and gift!
    Here are some ideas:
    - For I know the plans I have for you
    - Spread your wings and fly
    - Handle with care
    - Tess's Treasure

    Can't wait to see what you are thinking!

  6. Nancy:
    I would call it "Released" in Tess, like the butterfly has been released from the past that was holding on to her. All the best to your family!

  7. For some reason the only thing that comes to my mind when I see this picture, both in photo and painting, I think of the word Serendipity. In looking the definition up it almost seems backwards because Serendipity means, specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it...and I think that the whole idea of your journey was to purposefully help Tess find peace and happiness and to live freely and joyfully. Having been on a journey like Tess, though any journey dealing with trauma is non comparable, I feel like this is a happy accident. It was not purposeful to find Tess in such a peaceful state...but I'm sure to your momma heart it was bliss...making it something that you accidentally stumbled upon. I also like Butterfly Kisses.... but Serendipity is the most dominant in my thought process towards Tess.

  8. When I saw this picture the title "butterfly kisses" popped into my head (:
    Such a gorgeous painting!

  9. The Gift

    Because it appears she has just freed the butterfly. She could have kept it in the jar, but she set it free. Because getting to be that close to something as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly is a gift. Because getting to be that close to something as beautiful and delicate as Tess is a gift. Because the kind of growth Tess has brought you is a gift-- a gift hard won and certainly there are battle scars, but aren't those the gifts that mean the most in the end?

  10. And now I see she recently painted one titled The Gift. *sigh* Okay. Awakening? Summer? Nah... I'll keep thinking.

  11. Is she releasing it or waiting for it to land in her hand?

  12. Oh, you already answered that. Oops.

  13. I'm stuck on "Breath of Life" or "Breath and Life".

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Free to Fly--applies to both the butterfly and Tess. :)

  16. I understand it is a butterfly, not a bee, but for some reason, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" comes to mind. I also understand that phrase has nothing to do with bees, but my orchestra teacher made a joke about that when a bee was stuck in his car one time. The moral of the story is, I want to call this picture "The Beholder"

  17. My first thought was just "fly".
    But then came other suggestions:
    "the Touch"
    "Butterly kiss"
    "Blissful moment"
    "The butterfly girl"
    "the gift"

    or my favorite
    "Spread you wings"

  18. "Spread you wings"
    "The gift"
    "Blissful moment"
    "Butterfly kiss"
    "Fly where you heart takes you"
    "Per aspera ad astra" (google it, but my translation from Latin to Norwegian to English would be "through the hard stuff to the stars"

  19. Maybe "Grace Overcometh" or "A Moment of Grace" or "Amazing Grace" or "Abundant Grace" or "Faith, Hope, Grace..."

    I don't know why but when I see Tess I see grace and beauty... :)

    The painting is amazing (as is the photographer and subject too!) Have fun choosing the name!

  20. "Letting Go"

    Letting go of the butterfly, and learning to let go of the past that still haunts her little head. It's such a powerful picture. "Letting Go" just seems right for the picture of this sweetie.

  21. I agree!!!!!!! It is an honor.....but one you deserve:) Such an awesome shot, and a wonderful story! how about
    Firedogs alter ego.....hee hee.
    Or~ Free to Fly
    Whispers on the Wind
    Wings of Morning
    By Grace Redeemed

    Can't wait to see what you decide


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