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Friday, September 6, 2013


I dug this photo out from April.  It was okay but then when I started editing, it quickly became one of my very favorites of him.  That smirk.  His man-tank.  The ear buds.  His papa's eyes reincarnated right there on his face.  It's so him right now.
It's part of his birthday present.  To not have to sit for birthday pics on his birthday.  Because when you're 15, sitting for photos with your mom is only one step up from being a high school freshman and waiting everyday at the carpool lane for your mom to pick you up in the really banged-up crappy family car.  
Oh wait... 
Sorry sweetie.  
At least you don't have to sit for photos this year.

Happy birthday young man.  You are AMAZING!

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  1. He is very handsome! Oh the 15 yr olds...........mmmmhmmm. you need not explain. One was a dream.....the other a nightmare.....but if it's any comfort, now that they are both married they are both amazing:) You've done your work......Keep on, it WILL be ok. I always said, I know they will turn out ok, they have good hearts.....IF.....they don't kill themselves first!!! Boys LOOK for ways to kill if life isn't dangerous enough!

  2. Such a handsome young man, a very happy birthday to him


  3. Such a handsome 15 year old.. and such a hard age.. not a child, not fully a man.. Good luck to you both!


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