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Thursday, September 12, 2013

11 and Conveyor Belt Sushi

Boo always finishes up the birthday blitzkrieg.

After 5 birthdays, 1 anniversary, and 2 forever family days, (not to mention Labor Day and the start of school) all crammed in the span of 36 days, I always feel like Boo gets the short end of the stick. As a mama, I am wiped out at the end of the 36 days.  (Just in time to plan Halloween costumes and get ready for the holidays.  In my next life I'm seriously going to plan the birth of my children to be evenly spaced throughout the year!)

Never the less, I think he felt pretty special for his 11th birthday!
First the cupcakes of choice.  Mint Oreo Cupcakes!  Each has an Oreo baked inside too!
Yep, we started off with cupcakes before dinner!  That's just how we roll around here!  And besides the little ones were getting ready for bed and were not going to go to sleep without a little green frosting smeared all over their faces.  

Then Boo's dinner of choice, a restaurant he picked out which we lovely refer to as Conveyor Belt Sushi.  He picked Papa and me to go with him!  
I think there's something to the whole food just passes you by and you can take whatever you want that appeals to him.   Golly it appeals to me too!  I'd like to say that all those plates stacked below belonged to the table next to us of sumo wrestlers with obviously huge caloric requirements.  
But lying is a sin. 
So I won't.  
Snack dab in the middle of the 7 kiddos, Boo is a very stereotypical middle child.  He's easy going and always has been, but he keeps his eyes and ears wide open to pick up strategies from his older siblings.  He is almost always wearing hand-me-downs and is the biggest cuddle bug in the family.  He's a bit shier than his siblings and incredibly modest.   And it's very possible that he's an amazing temper-tantrum thrower, but we've never noticed it due to that you-have-both-younger-and-older-siblings-to compete-with thing.  I adore (and it also drives me nuts) the way he insists on wearing his glasses a bit down his nose.  This may be his last birthday in glasses, so I'm treasuring the glasses pics these days.  
Happy birthday, sweet Boo!  You are a treasure and a joy to parent, and we love you to the moon and back!


  1. I must say that Boo has good taste! Mint Oreos, and Sushi, YUMMO!

  2. Happy Birthday! The cupcakes look wonderful!

  3. Love Sushi Go Round!!! (That is what we all called it stationed in Japan!) Happy Birthday to you man cub!

  4. Nancy I love the way you capture "each of your kids accurately,even down to the smallest detail"...not to mention hilariously done in the process. That SUMO COMMENT almost put me in stitches!!! LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

    1. Oh you should have seen those sumo wrestlers! They kept snagging the sushi off our plates! I swear I hardly ate a thing!

  5. This year for my 11 year old, I woke him up with a cake and we ate it for breakfast, so it rolls like that in other houses too. Hope he had a great birthday!

    1. LOVE that idea, K! I might have to steal that one for next year!


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