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Monday, August 26, 2013

The last of our summer

Before we left the mountain, I had one last photo shoot.  I had the dresses and had been planning it for weeks, but the monsoons came and with them rain every afternoon.  Finally there was a bright shiny day with lots of sunshine, and I took my girls out to a nearby meadow.
Butterfly net in hand!
I want to remember my girls and this summer just like this... carefree and so full of what our summers are about,
being outside
being together
no schedule...
...and chasing the butterflies with reckless abandon.


  1. WOW....these are amazing.. I could eat those two up. Sisters... Summer...

  2. Absolutely breathtaking photos! LOVE the fourth one down from the top. Makes me want to go butterfly catching :)

    1. That was actually the first pic in the set I edited. I love that one too! her profile always catches me off guard. It's so pretty! thank you, Teamfuest!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Awesome pictures! You do such a good job capturing mood:) Love them.

  4. Gorgeous shoot and what a sweet memory.

  5. Seriously awesome shooting! Amazing photos.

  6. Oh wow!!!! I love the one of Tess where the butterfly is flying off her finger...and the one of Mimi that's similar. Seriously stunning!

  7. Gorgeous! Your daughters are beautiful as always! How did you attract so many butterflies?

  8. Love, love, love!!!! I'm gonna have to fly my kiddos out to you one of these days...


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