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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 60 second edit

Wanna see what we'll be doing in Lightroom 101: An Editing Class for Beginners?
Check this out!

We'll be learning how to do all this and more, {of course at a slower pace!} and there are only a few spots left!  All at your own pace and on your schedule, 'cause that's just how us busy mamas have to roll!

Would love to have you join us!  The details and registration link are here.


  1. This is a fantastic class and Nancy is an awesome instructor! Well worth it!!

  2. Yall RUN and DON'T WALK to your computers and SIGN UP!! Nancy is indeed an AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!!!

  3. You made that look way to simple! I want to sign up! How do I do that? Sorry I didn't get back to you last night. Tomorrow is our first day of school and it has been crazy around here getting everyone the stuff they need. Kelleyn

  4. Nancy, will you be doing this class again? I have two trips and back to school in the next weeks and don't have time but really want to take your class. I have Photoshop but to be honest it is way to hard and I am hoping that by getting Lightroom and taking your class I will finally understand editing software.


    1. Kathleen--I think I will offer it again in early 2014. If you'd like me to put your name on the interest list (so I can email you when registration is opening) just email me ( so I can have you email address and I'll do that. Would LOVE to have you, but I SO understand about timing! It's back-to-school season here and it's SOOO busy! and hot.

  5. Nancy, Why do you have to have a Facebook account to take your classes? We choose not to do Facebook - can I still take the class? Thanks!

    1. Stephanie--No you don't need a FB account, but you would miss a wonderful portion of the class, the private forum, that we use to ask questions and interact. You could still ask me questions via email though. If you email me I can give you some options. I don't have a way to contact you.


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