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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little did we know

When I was 19 years old, (the age Sunny is now.  gulp.)  I wrote Papa a poem.  Ya, we were that young and sticky sweet in love.  The thought of poetry writing now, and even then, is something that kinda makes me a little nauseated   But I was inspired by this man back then.  It was serious.  It was oh so real for being 19 and in love.

I was inspired two fold, first by Robert Browning.  I have no idea how this 19-year-old would end up reading Browning.  I think I likely got stuck in a Hallmark store one day with time to kill, 'cause like I said, poetry isn't my cup of tea.  And secondly by a man who I knew at that time was more then just a boyfriend.  This thing we had was something that would last a while... like through college-ish.  That's big stuff when one is 19.  I won't bore you with the whole poem, but I can still recite it in my head.  Heck I said it in my head for a couple years, daily, and I still do.  I thought it was a freakin' literary master piece!  In terms of what it seemed to say about where I was and how I felt about him and us during those the spring of life and impressionable moments.  Maybe it was.  But in terms of its literary prowess, it's far from something worth repeating.

So it might be best to share Robert Browning's inspiration-
Grow old with me.  The best is yet to be.

Oh my dear dear man.  What little did we know.  Except that we were so willing to share it all together and walk the path hand-in-hand to see what was before us.  Little did we know of 7 children.  Little did we know a failing business and learning how to prioritize and discovering what is truly important.  Spaghetti dinners.  The breakfast table.  Monsoons.  A game of cribbage on the porch.  Little did we know the trials and being wrapped in your arms as our tears fell.  Little did we know the joys of births, daily sprints to the NICUs, and little fingers ultimately wrapped around ours.  It's your world, baby doll.  Little did we know of buying a home and taking walks in the woods, our woods.  Little did we know of Heart's Prairie, Blue, a fall bicycle ride in Stanley Park, Saigon's first district, or a heart breaking phone call that would change everything in 2007.  Little did we know of tag-team parenting and a late night that went into the wee hours of the morning in a dirty laundry room.  Little did we know of funerals and loss.  Little did we know of a hotel room in China simultaneous full of the biggest grief and the grandest joy.  And a first mother saying good buy 3 days later.  The excitement of a night with pizza and peanuts and Terminator 3 and a park proposal with a $44 ring.  Little do we still know of what is yet to come.  Little did I know that the best is yet to be, and I still think that every. single. day.  because the best is still with your hand in mine.  The trials make the days all the sweeter.  And in the end, if you sit by my bed and walk me home for the last time, I will still say I am the lucky one.

What little did we know.  29 years later, what little do we still know, except that I still want to share it all with you with the sticky sweet love that fills my soul.

Happy anniversary, my dear sweet man.


  1. This is so sweet. I'm only a year older than Sunny and I hope that one day I can have a love like yours.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Tears are the poetry of life. It sounds like you've had many happy and sad ones. Here's to many, many more!

  3. Beautiful post, and happy happy anniversary. good at that young age that we do know little of what is coming, isn't it. Some very good, and some very bad, and good to have it sewn together with that sticky sweet lovel!

  4. Great stuff guys - Happy Anniversary - Marie and I will celebrate out 30th tomorrow! May you have many many more!

    hugs - aus and co.

  5. Well this post made me cry. Can relate on so many levels being married for nearly 24 years.
    Happy Anniversary! You are blessed beyond measure.


  6. Nancy this is BEAUTIFUL!! You are talented on so many levels! :)


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