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Friday, August 9, 2013

Family faves {Strawberry shortcake cupcakes}

My not so secret, secret.
Even though I make cupcakes for everyone's birthday, I'm not actually a cupcake gal.  I mean a like them and all, but I can easily say no to them.  And that's precisely why I make them.  So I don't consume them all.  Because I would.  I so would.  If I were a cupcake gal that is.  But I'm not.

Until these.
Strawberry shortcake cupcakes!
They are divine.
And easy.
And pretty.
And did I mention divine?

I always make birthday cupcakes the day before, and prep the morning of the birthday celebration.  Wish I had more pics to show you, but this was a test recipe.  One I will definitely will make again because there are certain people here in the house that are demanding just that!

Quicky box cupcake recipe
1 box of cake mix  (I used white for this recipe to look more like short cake.)
1 stick of butter melted (4 oz or 1/4 cup) - trust me on the butter thing.  It's just better this way.  
1 c water
3 eggs

Mix for 1 minute on medium.  Use a cheap ice-cream scoop (the perfect measurement for 1 cupcake) to fill 17 cupcakes papers.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 min. or until knife comes out clean.  (My oven actually takes 17 min.  Don't overcook or they'll get dry.)  Cool and store in fridge till the following day.

To turn them into Strawberry shortcake cupcakes
The morning of the celebration, carve out a  whole from the top of the cupcake with a melonballer.  Discard the cake.  And by discard I mean shove it in your mouth when nobody is looking.  Put a clean dry strawberry in the hole.

Just before the celebration heap a  luscious mound of canned whipped cream on top.  Oh yeah baby...I said mound so make it a big one especially for the birthday girl!  It's better that way, and by golly it's a celebration!  Top with more sliced strawberries!  Because more is better, right?

Yes, they were messy.  We ate them with a fork.  

They don't seem to hold the birthday candles much longer then a minute, so don't dilly dally after you put the whipped cream on and the candles in.  

And they were ALL gone very very quickly!

More of our family's favorite recipes are here.  And I really only make fast easy peasy stuff that everyone eats.  

Hooking up with Stefanie and Lisa for a couple fabulous blog hops!


  1. Yum! Sorry! I have been crazy busy with school starting and getting back from vacation. I will sign up in the morning and get Lightroom too. Promise! Kelleyn

  2. Mmmm...these look deeelicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok, so what is a "cube" of butter?

    I googled it and half of the sites say it is one stick which is 1/2 cup or eight ounces. The other half say it is one ounce which is two tablespoons.

    And YEAH for butter!! I'm from Wisconsin where butter is serious business. To this day, state laws require that restaurants MUST serve butter unless a patron asks for margarine. Wisconsin was the last state in the country to permit the sale of margarine colored yellow to look like butter and that was is 1967. Most of my friends remember their parents smuggling in yellow margarine from Illinois because it cost less.

    1. Lindy--I amended the recipe. Hubs and I talked about it and think "stick" of butter is an old term my grandmother always used that just stuck with me. It's the same as a cube a butter or 1/4 c or 4 oz. Any which way, the butter makes the cupcakes delish!

  4. Nancy - this looks SO good!! We live fir strawberry shortcake around here! Can't wait to try this! Thx for sharing.
    PS: I am glad to know what a cube of butter is too :)

  5. Oh my these look absolutely delicious


  6. Yum!! I could probably eat about 10 of these... Lol.


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