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Monday, August 19, 2013

A good stick

Can't let summer pass without showing off my young golfers!
I mean really... how'd I get to be the luckiest mama in the world?!  They do love each other this much!
This blue collar gal knew next to nothing 'bout golf prior to Papa.
Top left-Jude falls asleep in the cart as Boo's tournament ends.  Middle-Papa helps Jude look for his ball. Bottom left-The boys patiently wait their turn on the green.  For the golfers out there, can you image just sitting down on the green waiting you turn?  Yes, you can if you're 5 years old!  Bottom right-Ball thief!
Over the decades I've never learned to how to play, but I have learned not to cross someone's line, to hush and stand to the side of the tee box, not to let the kiddos play prior to noon and make sure they have collared shirts, how to spot a fast green, that husbands rarely come immediately home after the 19 hole, and how to drive that little cart.  Not important stuff, but stuff a golf mama learns along the way.
Top-Jude gets some pointers from the pro.  Top right-Jude and his cousin, on his right, work on patience during a lesson.  
Unlike me, all my children have grown up with golf lessons.  Each summer they have all played in tournaments.  It's a wonderful game for them to grow up with.  A gentleman's game that highly regards character and sportsmanship.
Boo found himself in the forest several times.  But it didn't seem to hurt his spirit much!
Boo and Jude participated this year.  This is Boo's 5th year in the event, and he played 6 holes in the tournament.  This was Jude's 2nd year in the tournament, and he competed in the 1-hole tournament..  Both boys really love to play the game!  Proud mama speaking now... they are patient for their turns, put lessons into practice, and are getting better and better over the years.  Both boys seem to have a pretty good swing for their age too.
In the end, neither of my boys placed in the competition, but they both had a fabulous time and bettered their own scores.
Top-Boo and his cousins make a foursome during the tournament.  
And maybe most importantly, they are spending quality and quantity time with their Papa and each other.
Luv my littlest golfer!
I can just picture them in a few decades playing together, and Papa in his sunset years, reminiscing about when they were younger and their mom made them play in a tournament every summer.


  1. Never could get into golf - my fav hobby is less politically correct - competitive shooting! But enjoying a skill and sharing it with your kids is what it is all about!

    And Liv - wow - sharing in your "parental pride" - a great kid!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Awe! They are both growing up so fast.

  3. Jude looks so handsome in his purple golf shirt and slicked down hair!

  4. Okay....honesty here. This post makes me jealous. There. I said it! Why? ...because I had just begun golfing before we adopted Caleb 5 years ago. I got myself to respectable on the course (still a high handicap.) Naturally I couldn't wait to get back out there. We've taken the kids to the range and putting green a few times. They've enjoyed it, especially Caleb. But what does he go and do this summer? Take up tennis! Now, I know how to watch tennis. I can even keep score. But I can NOT hit that ball to save my life. So he's on his own! lol.

    I love these shots, Nancy. All of them. I felt like I was right back there with ya! And I promise, I will get my kids back out there with me! Some day.

  5. I love it! How handsome everyone looks in their golf get-ups (that is the correct terminology, I believe!)

    Both of mine, like their daddy, like to golf. We're still too young for lessons through the city, but next year will be the year!


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