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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A big deal

To say it has been busy around here would be an understatement.  Nothing huge but stuff constantly going... and going... and going.

School started and I didn't take a single photo.

I'm seriously going to time the birth of my children so it does not coincide with school starting next time!
Or not.
Seeing as how they are already born and all.

But I need to catch up on our time in the mountains.   I need to tell you about something incredibly important that happened!  Big huge significant stuff!
Like my girl learning to ride her bike!

Step 1
After many pleading requests, finally get your big brother to take off the training wheels
Step 2
Find a mama (who needs exercise regardless of her inappropriate footwear) will push and run along side for hours
Step 3
Recover from numerous falls
Step 4
Enjoy the ride.
See!  I told you is was big huge amazing stuff!


  1. HOORAH!! You go girl - no stopping you now!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. WAHOO! You go Girl! Tess, what an accomplishment!

  3. Yea for Tess!! And Nancy you are looking great! (:

  4. WAY TO GO TESS!!!!!!

    There is something so SPECIAL about watching a child "MASTER RIDING A BICYCLE" for the first time!! I don't know if it's the child's look of triumph or the parents look of SHEER EXCITEMENT that I love the best! I can so the PLEADING of Bre to "remove the training wheels". I have several pics of her "falling" and "getting up and starting again". She tried it for several days and by day 3 she had mastered it to the point of turning w/out falling or pedaling backwards and abruptly "stopping the bike"! Now we are onto "wanting to learn to rollerblade". It NEVER ends!!! :)

  5. Is it wrong that I totally love the fall picture? Tess looks like she's thinking, "Seriously??" :D

    1. Oh me TOO and I do feel a bit like "bad mama" because not only do I like the pic, but because I took it! She can be a bit of a drama queen. She fell down numerous times and would usually would just look at me like, So are you going to run over here or NOT? LUV my girl!

  6. Yeah! We still have oe 6 year old who needs to learn how to ride his bike!

  7. Loved the pics and reading about you're family. BUT I don't get where her helmet is. In Sweden where I live you would be breaking the law. All kids under 15 must wear helmets when riding bikes. Seams kinda silly, but it could be so incredably dangerous.

    Love; Emma


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