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Friday, July 5, 2013

Pow Wow in the Pines {The children}

I'm a mama to 7 children.  So it goes without saying that I was naturally drawn to children at the pow wow.  Maybe they were exceptionally cute this year.  Maybe they are every year.
But really, I could not get enough of them.
I have boys this age in my home right now!  Except for their outfits, they could be standing in any schoolyard in the world, talking about girls, or the big game, or a new video game.  I loved their interaction with each other!
There's something about his expression that just gets me.  I've seen this expression in all my children at one time or another.  Just plain ol' life, but maybe looking for a friendly face for a little bit of reassurance.  
I wonder if he's looking for his mom.  Or dad.  Or the slushy vendor?
He already looks so much like the men in regalia and the concentration he has for the dance.  
There's a whole category of older boys and girls that I was of course drawn to, seeing as how they are the same ages as my bigger kiddos.  Such  pride and direction already at such a young age!
These two girls were standing right in front of me.  They were getting a bit bored and started whispering and giggling with one another as girls do the world around.  They were priceless!
Maybe it was her glasses or that single feather in her hair, but thing sweet thing just grabbed my heart!  She was all by herself as she waited her turn in the Grand Entry.  She stood there and practiced her dance as she patiently waited her turn.  Her mama would have been so proud!
I mean really?  Just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter... it DID!  He was among one of the youngest participants I saw in the "tiny tot" division.  I'm guessing he was around 3 years old?  He stayed pretty close to his mama's side.  
This young man is in a few pics.  I displayed such confidence.  He reminded me of many o' students I had back in my teaching days; The ones I had to remind to stop talking in class time and time again, but were always happy to comply.  
Not sure what weighs more... him or his outfit!  I think I have another cavity from his obvious sweetness!
I don't even know where to start with this pic.  There's another version coming in the last set of favorite pow wow pics.  The bells, the feather, the stripes, the black and white... his regalia from top to bottom is just stunning!  
I don't know what you call the feathers that are on his headdress and in the back, but I love them!  
Oh yeah... he's that cute from behind.  And his little bum crack is just the icing on the cake! Boys are the same where ever you go!
Just like the women, she has such poise already.  The way she dances and swings her shall with such grace, (at the tender age of 10 at most?) was amazing!
Do not miss the Hello Kitty hair piece!
Almost like he's standing strong against the wind!
Look closely and you'll see that both her feet are off the ground.  She was one of the "tiny tots" and already so accomplished at her dance.  She was one of my very favorite dancers. In an arena of adults, she was so confident and never needed anyone by her side.
So much to comment on in this one.  Like the whole pow wow, there is something going on everywhere you look.  
The little man on the left.  The 3 boys so deep in conversation behind him.  I just love love love all of it!


  1. These are just fantastic photos...can't imagine how any to come could be better, but, I'll wait and see. :)

  2. Wow! Don't you love the south west? We are so blessed. From time to time I get to see a mama pushing her baby through Walmart in a cradle board.

  3. Your posts and photos are always a delight, especially as I am also an adoptive parent with beautiful daughters from Vietnam and China. I have read you for some time but this morning your photos just overwhelmed with the color, the culture, the beautiful moments captured. Thank you for sharing. Grateful for the beauty you capture...

  4. Hello Kitty meets native American - two proud cultures blended - does it get any better than this? ;)

    hugs - aus and co.


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