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Monday, July 22, 2013

Leaving the nest

I knew it was coming.  I have been weepy about this day literally for a few years now.  I wrote this over 3 years ago.  

She drove up to the cabin all on her own.  (Wait... didn't we just teach her how to drive yesterday?)
And the car was completely loaded with everything she owns. She came to say good bye of course. 
And she had to get an early start on the drive since it's a 10 hour drive from the cabin to her new home in New Mexico, and no matter how big and responsible she is, I'm still her mama so I don't want her driving cross country in the dark. 

So we said her goodbyes in between the sobs.  

And then we cried some more. 

And hugged some more.

And for something that I knew it was so good and so right, but I still didn't want to let go. 

And I said really stupid things like eat your vegetables and make good choices, and I reminded her that almonds and blueberries are super foods.  And reminded her not to sleep in too late.  And do hard stuff. And to remember to see God in the flowers and the ordinary miracles that are all around.  And I told her not to forget where she you came from.  And that our home would be her's forever.  
She waited an extra year before leaving the nest.  It was a tough decision for her to go to a community college and live at home when her friends were all heading off towards what looked like bigger and better things.  And the changes we've seen in her in this last year took us from being proud of her to overwhelmingly confident in the all choices that still lay before her.  She's grown and now it's time.  Not to mention that she's a tiny bit inspired to go.  We are so incredibly excited for her and all she's about to encounter!

And then we cried some more.  
And hugged some more, 
And I had this feeling like I had done something right in those last 20 years.  

And then we had to let go.

And she got in her new-to-her, amazingly cute car...
... and she drove away.  
And I'm pretty sure that my heart broke a lot bit in that very moment...

...and that I am the luckiest mom in the world.  


  1. Oh this made me cry. I remember driving my own little new me car away from my mama many years ago. We both sobbed and she too told me to eat my veggies and make good choices. I did and your gal will too. That's what happens when we are raised by good mamas. Many blessings to each of you!

  2. And I think my heart just broke a little for you. And its kinda difficult to type comments while you're sobbing over a child {adult} you don't even know. It's evident you raised her right. She's gonna make you proud{er}. :) xo!

  3. Beautiful! My two are also grown, and I could so relate to your words! Cheers to her and best wishes on her new adventure! Rest easy momma, you did a good job! :)

  4. Dang.. I'm crying here... so beautiful.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh I mean really! A VW??!! TOO perfect indeed! I didn't even know about it till it was a done deal!

  6. This is not a day I'm looking forward to with my littles! My 7-year-old is already telling me how much longer she has until she gets to go. You must have done something right- she is a beautiful (inside & out- it comes through in your photos & descriptions I've read through the years), talented, smart, incredibly capable young woman. She will do fine & your relationship will grow in ways not imaginable now. My mom was my best, closest friend, especially when I moved out- I needed her for everything! <3

    1. Thank you, Amy. I just miss her so much! Facetime is getting a work out!

  7. Oh Mah Word that was so sad!!! Beautiful but so very sad. And totally love her car choice :)

  8. Good morning my friend - I feel the emotion in the pictures - there is a lot of love there! And I too know the "sadness" of children leaving - but rest assured that they are never really gone - they are always your kids. Finally - it really wasn't until they were "gone" that we could really have our relationship "evolve" into what it has become (and is still becoming - that never really stops either!)...

    It is all right and good and proper - and so maybe not really "sad" but more like "bitter sweet"!

    hugs - still I "feel" with you! -

    aus and co.

  9. Nancy, I stumbled across your blog as part of the FBFrenzy. This is such a beautiful post! And you have such a beautiful family! Your love and your faith shine so brightly on this blog. As someone who has considered international adoption and who has worked in Family Court with fostercare cases, your writing and your photos make my heart go pitter-patter....

  10. So you already made me cry. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Oh my goodness, I love this beautiful woman, hard to believe the years have gone by this fast. I am already dreading the day my girl leaves, I know it will come in a blink of an eye.

  12. The beautiful thing about them leaving... is that they will be back! Have to remember that! What a beautiful post, and your daughter is just lovely!


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