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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gotta show 'em off!

My introductory DSLR class, Manual 'n More, is well underway.  Actually the class still has 2+ more weeks to go, and I am just thrilled to see how the students are progressing!  Most of these students were solely shooting in Auto mode before the class began.  Others were trying to shoot in Manual and other modes but wanted some extra instruction to help them understand and progress.  I'm not sure who's more excited at this point, them to be taking these fabulous photo photographs, or me to see how far they've come!  I really do love passing on what I know so that they can treasure these moments forever!

I just can't help but show off the progress of my students!  I am so proud of them!

This photo was taken by Elaine of her gorgeous daughter, who happens to be one of her several heart babies from China.  Oh that grin just kills me every time I see it!  Such a gorgeous happy image!
And this one is from Deborah, taken of her father-in-law. It's the kind of photo that I would have liked to have of my grandparents before they passed.  I can not tell you how happy I am that you have this image, Deborah!  Oh please, frame it.  
This gorgeous image is Lisa-Maire's.  It is was taken in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  I mean can't you just see this blow up and hanging on a wall some where?  Just stunning, Lisa-Marie!
Several of the students have traveled on vacations during our time together.  That's one of the great things about the class; there are no check in times, and you can work at your own pace.  This photo, was taken by Jennifer P.  How much fun is her 6-year-old daughter, Joy, having?  And doesn't this pic just scream summer vacation?!   What a fun vacation photo and I love the bright colors!
Another one from Elaine; this time her older daughter.  So stinkin' gorgeous!  Both the image and gorgeous young lady I mean!  17 never looked to good!
Another vacation pic of 8-year-old Cooper, taken by his mama, Malynda.  The light in this photo is dreamy and makes me want to pick up a book, kick off my shoes, and sit on my porch with a good book!
Dana from Death by Great Wall took this image of her son.  With freckles.  You can't help but love love love the freckles!  Did I mention that I adore freckles?  I also love this pic, Dana!
Cathy took this pic of her petunias, and I can honestly tell you that I seriously considered asking her if I could have a copy of it, blow it up huge on canvas, and redecorate my daughter's room around it.  Instead I think I convinced her to do just that!
Here is Jodi's friend's daughter, Liana.  Soooo pretty with all the pastel tones and those amazing baby blues!  I fell in love with this one too as soon as I saw it.  It's just such an amazingly pretty photo, Jodi!  You know her mama will love this one too!
This photo is from another Jennifer in our class, and this is her image of her beautiful daughter.  This one makes me want to be 6 years old again and run through the corn fields.  Never you mind that we didn't have corn fields when I was little.  Still... swoon... melt...  love!
This is Nikki's daughter, and I just adore the composition of her photo!  I love the light and the car and the vintage feel of it and of course her sweet smile!  Great capture, Nikki!
And this one caught my eye as soon as I saw it too.  Don't you just love how her hands knitting and the yarn are in sharp focus, but her face in the background is a bit blurry?  Senni asked me before she signed up, if the class was truly for complete beginners like herself.  Yes-sur-eeee-Bob!  And now she's shooting in Manual and taking images like this!
When Macy posted this pic I just about fell over dead from baby fever!  I mean how can you look at this photo and not swoon!  ps-Did I mention that the photographer, Macy, is 15 years old?  Yeah, she is!  And I'll be first in line to buy her work when she's a world famous photographer!
You can see why I am so stinkin' proud of these ladies and their progress!  Aren't they just amazing!

If you're interested in the next Manual 'n More class go here for more details of the class.  I'm planning on starting the next Manual 'n More class this October.  The current class was sold out and with the interest list for the next class already growing, I'm thinking the next one will too.  If you're interested in taking this class and would like to send me your email address, give me a holler and I'll add you to the interest list so you will get notification of when registration goes public.  

My next class being offered is Lightroom 101, and it's going to be starting mid August.  It's an editing class for beginners and the details are here.  Just like this course, there are no check-in times and you work at your own pace.  There will be a private forum just for the class where we all meet up, talk, ask questions and show off our progress.  And there's no need to purchase Lightroom either because you can use Adobe's trial version of Lightroom during the class to see for yourself if it's a program that you'd like to spend the money on.  Registration for Lightroom 101 is going to go public soon, like in early August.  Again, if you would like to send me your email address, I'll add you to the interest list so you will get notification just before registration goes public.


  1. Thanks for featuring one of my photos, Nancy. Before this class, I basically used my fancy DSLR camera as an expensive point and shoot. When I tried to play with the settings, I just got frustrated because I simply didn't understand how it all worked. This class has been perfect for my learning style and for my lifestyle as a busy mom of 4. This has been a high point of my summer! Thanks.

    1. Dana--SOOO glad you are lovin' it as much as I'm lovin' teaching it! You are really growing your skills as a photographer and it is an honor to pass on what i know!

  2. Nancy, ALL these pictures are WONDERFUL!!!!! OMG!! You have some talented students!!! I love all of them, but my all-time favorite is of the "The Grandfather w/the accordion". OMG, what a photo to treasure!!!

  3. All of these are AMAZING!!!!!!! But Macy's has to be my favorite.... :) :) :)

  4. Ladies your pictures are all gorgeous!!! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite! And might I just add that I am a wee bit green with jealousy?? I want to do this class!! Praying it's possible in October! Would love to do the lightroom class too! Great job teaching Nancy:)

    1. I hope to see you soon, Judy! It would be great to work together and pass on what I know!

  5. LOVE these! What amazing images everyone is capturing! I think my favorite might be Nikki's! The colors and the light are so striking. I've been working on learning manual for about a year, and it is so freeing to be able to get my camera to do what I want it to!

    1. Oh I love Nikki's pic too! It has such a retro feel to it and the colors are just so dreamy!

  6. All of the art in these images are brilliant! Some really fine work by all - and perhaps the instructor as well? But trying to pick one - the "father-in-law" or "Liana's smirk" or "Death by baby cuteness" - wow - some really brilliant work making it simply impossible to settle on one for me!!


    hugs - aus and co.

  7. Love ALL the pictures! Such a wonderful class!!


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