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Friday, July 26, 2013

Gorgeous : : : Not girly

Three generations fly fishing.  Hubs, my own papa, and on the far end, sweet Liv.  
Since Sunny has left the nest, she's fallen into her role of oldest child quite naturally.  
New job.  
Primary use of the family kid car.  
First paycheck.  
No make up.  
Her hair quickly pulled up back a pony.  
And hanging with the big boys.
Does she know how gorgeous she is in this moment?
I love this part of her.  
And she's quite a good fly fisherman too!  No longer a beginner but an accomplished sportsman!  It started off as her way to have one-on-one time with Papa.  But now several years later, even when she's all by herself, she'll head down to the lake for a couple hours before dark to practice her cast and fish till dark.

On this day she caught the most fish... more than the men combined!
No squeamish girly girl here.  She takes the hook out of the trout by herself.  And releases it.
But not before showing her mama how pretty he is!
But lest we forget she's still all teenager...
...her call phone is always close at hand!
Good golly I love this girl!

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  1. Your photos are lovely, but really made me laugh... I remember the only time I tried fly fishing I was on a bank casting, and there were several other fisherman in the vicinity... I somehow, on my first try, caught a abig beach towel and out it went right in the middle of the other real fisherman. OH MY!

    1. Okay, that IS FUNNY! That is SO what would happen to me! Luckily she took after her father!

  2. I love how your pictures tell a story...beautiful.

  3. Absolutely beautiful - and she can do something that in my 54 years I have NEVER been able to master - can't do it - got to know your limitations!

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. Nancy, these are BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! What a beautiful keepsake of her and "The Men" fishing! FRAMEWORTHY INDEED!

  5. Beautiful photography!! I love the fish one :)

    from you newest follower


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