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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Etsy jewelry obsessed

Summer affords me time to do things that I'd never have time to do otherwise.  Like indulge myself way too much time to become totally obsessed with cyber-shopping on Etsy!  I'm obsessed with jewelry these days. Which is kinda odd since I'm not really a girl girl.  Normally I'm all about function.   But landsakes I found some pretty things!  And am trying to whittle down my list to make a purchase.

There this one.   Really simple.  I like it without any engraving since I have some other necklaces I already where that are personalized.  And I like it in gold since I don't have much gold in my closet.  It's $28 and I think it would look great layers with other necklaces!
Then there's this cutie!  I asked Sunny if she thinks it's too young and too cute for someone of my advanced maternal age.  She said no but I'm not sure.  I still think it's really fun!  It's $23.  
Loving the simplicity of these earrings!  Would they be to matchy with the disc necklaces?  They're only $13, and that's SO my price range!  Do you gals put those little back on all your earring like this?  I wish they had full closing backs and it would be a done deal.
This wishbone necklace is really long.  It comes in a short version too, but I like it super long like this.  It's $25.  Maybe I'd need a nice islet v-neck top to go with it though.  I need a little more gold in my closet too.  I really love this one.  This one is almost a sure thing.  I think.  
There's a necklace version of this "bar" bracelet that I was looking at then saw the bracelet! Again, so simple and easy.  Not sure what I would have engraved on it though. My anniversary?  A favorite bible verse?  It's $47.  Maybe that's too much.  
I wear a lot of turquoise.  And I think the simplicity of these are just so pretty.  Maybe turquoise top with these is too matchy matchy?  I still love them and for $7.25 I think it's totally worth it!
Another long necklace.  I'm seeing a trend.  This one has little crystals on it, and I think it looks so pretty yet casual at the same time.   Not that I'd ever let this much of my arms see the light of day!  It's $54.  Are crystals out?  Maybe I missed the boat. 
These are in gold... obviously.  I think if they were in silver they'd already by in the mail.  But they seem to be the perfect size for me.  And there's even a necklace that goes with them that I like too!  Too many choices!  The earrings and the necklace are only $18 apiece and 14K gold!
Maybe bigger is better?  They larger ones are here and are $22.  I'm not against big earrings as long as they aren't too heavy.  
This one isn't cheap.  I think I'll pin it on Pinterest any start sending links to hubs prior to Mother's day.  It's $95 but I've always wanted one and I have a feeling it's one I wouldn't take off.  SO pretty and I love the colors underneath!
Seems like little disc necklaces are all the rage.  Or maybe they were and I'm just now seeing them. That happens a lot with me.  This one comes in a long and short version.  Not sure I would splurge and spend the money for the long.  the long one here is $50 and can be double looped and the short one is 16" and it $15.  I'm really love my short necklaces.  I couldn't justify both... right?   Or could I?
I like the whole infinity symbol thing that's going on too.  Especially in this bracelet cause it has thin double chains going around.  I think it would be light enough that it wouldn't bug me but sturdy enough that it wouldn't be broke.  It's $30.  

I could go on and on and on.  There's lots more.  Like I said, I'm kinda obsessed.  Any suggestions which one(s) I have to have?


  1. Wish bone necklace-long-hands down!!! :D xo!!

    1. I'm SOOO close to getting it. I think I need it in silver thought so I contacted the seller and she won't have it for another month. And patience is SO not my virtue!!! Now what to do?!

  2. The first two pairs of earrings are must buys. (Yes, I use the little plastic backings-- quick and simple and no fear or losing an earring-- and if you lose the backings you can buy a whole package of them for a couple dollars at Claire's-- the things you learn when you have tween girls.) But the disc earrings don't go with the disc necklace because one is silver and the other's gold (and now I'm singing old Girl Scout songs...).

    Definitely send hubby links for that one necklace-- you need it. Christmas is closer than Mother's Day...

    I don't care for the leaf earrings. In silver I might, but not in gold. (I'm not a gold person-- even my wedding band is white gold-- so I freely admit my bias.) I like the crystal necklace but it's pricey so I might pass-- or skip the others and just get that one. How would you wear the little birds? That stops me on that one. I'm not over whelmed with the bracelet, particularly at that price.

    Those are my thoughts... Have fun!

  3. I love Etsy. I bought a lot of my wedding decorations and accessories on there including my jewelry. Just a little tip, you may already do this, sometimes once I've found a style of necklace I like I will type the description in the search box to see what else is out there and pricing. A lot of times I will find very similar necklaces for different prices. Also make sure you look at shipping because some Etsy sellers charge WAY too much for shipping.

    Here is a link to earrings that are similar to those cute little gold leaf ones but in silver.

    I love everything else you posted too! So many choices!

  4. Ahem...I confess to be an etsy addict. I do a lot of browsing but also do a fair share of buying headbands or flowers for Grace's hair. I have bought a few jewelry pieces and have been very pleased with them.

    I have mostly silver, maybe that's why I'm drawn to the bar bracelet and wishbone necklace. You have wonderful taste!!

    1. That wishbone necklace is almost a done deal, Gail! Almost...

  5. Have you seen Origami Owl jewelry? They sell living lockets which are really neat. My sister actually sells them if you want to check out her website
    You customize the lockets to represent you and you can change them out any time!


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