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Thursday, June 27, 2013

PowWow in the Pines {the women}

Except for the location and outfits, they remind of the young women is see on any campus.  
LUV the sunglasses!


  1. Third from the bottom...dusty pink sky and the sense of movement in their it. They're all beautiful though!

  2. Exquisite!!!! Your pictures just draws the viewer in!!! Nancy..this series has truly been the most enjoyable!! I love #12 the best. The vibrant colors against the setting sun is tantalizing!!

  3. Gorgeous photos - I love the 4th and 6th ones - they caught my eye, although all of them are wonderful. I like the pride on the woman's face in the 6th photo and all the generations together (and both genders) in the 4th photo.

  4. Hmmm...just realized - is that a male or female in the background in the 4th photo. I know you said these were the photos of the women. I saw the head dress and assumed it was a male. ?

    1. That's a man in the background. Likely taken at the Grand Entry so there would have been both men and women in the areas at the time. Luv that photo too; Mama's are the same the world around!

  5. For the shots of the women, I like the one of the woman with her baby on her hip and the double shots of the lady in pink with her feet off the ground in dance. Nice job!

  6. I love this series of photos and look forward to you posting them every year. The colours are exquisite! My favourites are number 4 and the third from the bottom. Thanks so much for the video in the previous post, I have always wanted to go to a PowWow and that gave me a small taste of it. Can only imagine how amazing an experience it is in person.

  7. These are beautiful! Something we don't get to see everyday here in Georgia. I should look into seeing if the Cherokees have festivals up in Tennessee.


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