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Monday, June 10, 2013

moments in short supply

I have an child that is an adult.
That whole concept blows me out of the water.
Where did my toe-headed toddler go?
I still see her in her first Easter dress and bonnet.  Her first day of school as she literally hid behind my skirt.  The first time a boy came to our door to take her on a date.  The first time she drove away in a car.  And now my first born is on her own.  The day in and day out of being a mama are sometimes so very long, but beware... the years are incredibly short.
There is something special about your first born.  After all, she is the one that made me a mother.
She asked me to take these pics before he gets deployed.  I remember where my head was when I was her age.  My eyes were so wide open.  Papa and I had been together for 3 years at that point.  College and careers lay before us.  The whole wide world was at our feet.  I see the same look in her eyes and the way she carries herself 25 years later.  And what about all those years since she took her first steps,or the years when it was so tough and full of doubt... those years have slipped away so fast.  In the here and now, every secrete she'll still share, every goodnight I can say to her, every time I can still hold her hand, every casual and horribly unimportant conversation I can have with her, every early morn that she still stumbles to the breakfast table, every "I'm home, Mom" late at night, every song we can sing and dance party we still have together, every moment with her now is so amazingly precious.  I know my moments with her are in short supply.

And my heart is so amazingly full of her as she leaves.
I have a child that is an adult.
And I'm not sure I'm an adult yet myself.
How'd that happen?


  1. Darling young people. I can't even remember being that young! Beautiful photos. God protect that handsome "boy" as he protects our country.

  2. Beautiful words, beautiful all happens so fast! Where did OUR BABIES go??!! Many thanks to this young man and wishing him GOD'S PROTECTION in the world of the "unknown" as he protects our country.

  3. These are just beautiful. I love her rocking the red lips! What glorious light you captured.

    While mine are still little, I totally understand the feeling of not being a grown-up yet. Some days I'm still baffled I'm "big" enough to be a mom.

  4. Oh.. Wow.. The one where she is looking at the camera.. Just lovely..

  5. Wow! I think I might be lost for words.... What amazingly beautiful pictures! What a sweet and young couple. I wish them all the best.

  6. Good morning Nancy - I will never fully understand the "mom's perspective" - but I DO understand parenthood. And you "got it" both in words and pictures. Like I said yesterday - on behalf of myself and my family - thank them both for their service!

    hugs - aus and co.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The post and the pictures are beautiful. I pray that God protects him as he serves our country protecting our freedoms.
    Becky S.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Those are going to mean SO much to her when he is deployed!

    Your whole family is gorgeous. :)


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