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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just random stuff floating around in my head

Yes, notice the 14-year-old man child now is a wee bit taller than his older sisters.And Sunny seems to have her mama-hip down pat.    
I can not pretend that I am not the luckiest mama in the whole wide world.
I know every mother probably feels that way, but looking through these photos, this feeling of being so incredibly blessed is the only thing I can see.  The only thing I can feel.  All my children with my hubs and me, all of us as a family just loving being together and the moments we share.  
This was our little escape to Sedona.  The colors are just amazing!  Bright.  Bold.  Kinda like God is shaking you up a bit telling you to be sure and pay attention to His handy work.  
Got it, God.  
Patch, pre haircut.  
The 14-year-old man child.  
With all that aforementioned blessing that's going on, someone please tell me that their man-child is consuming a little more of their parental time and energy than they think they actually have available.  Don't get me wrong.  I am BLESSED beyond belief, but that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing and easy.  Insert some extra puberty-induced testosterone and you got yourself one hoot nanny of a time!  Papa is stepping in and handling some of the heavy work.  I'm a little too tender hearted these days, and still trying to define my role as disciplinarian yet still be approachable.  I'm really messing that part up.  Good golly where is that handbook?  I do love both this man and man child so much it hurts.  Key word here... hurts.  Sometimes is does.  They are so alike in mind, body and spirit it's kinda creepy.  
I only have one word to add... summer camp.  {exhale}
Yes,  that's my 8th child up there, Bianca.  My extra.  Who has been hanging around with us so many years that I now count her as my own.  (Don't tell her mama that!)  Another blessing.  Another beauty that I can take no credit for.  If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you've surely seen her, our real Russian beauty.  Sheesh that surely makes us a totally global family!  She's the extra pair of feet up there in the blog header.  Thanks Bianca for blending in so seamlessly.  Not all kids do that you know.  Again the blessing theme of this post comes up. 
See that pic of Sunny up there on the top right?  That one gets me every time.  She's leaving.  I can't even type that without my tears coming.  I can't stop her.  I shouldn't stop her.  But watching her go is hitting me like I had never expected.  It's a whole new parenting season for us.  And to say I'm proud of her doesn't even start to convey my feelings.  Not because she's done it all perfectly and made the best choices every time.  But precisely because she hasn't, and has learned and grown through it.  More on that later.  I'm afraid I'll get the keyboard too wet and short circuit something.  
Jude is such a gentle sole.  He loved collecting the creek shells this day.  He's gonna make an amazing husband and father some day.  He's so connected in his inner-most self with those around him.
I've asked this 16 year old to be my model this summer.  We have some plans so you may be seeing lots of her this summer.  This time last year she was almost on her liquid diet, recooperating from surgery.  Yeah, that wasn't fun.  But it was necessary.  Just glad that page is behind us now.  
The little blessing is still the center of most all of our attention.  She is just Such. A. Joy. to be with.  If she's any indication of how easy young children and parenting can be, then I'll be having children well into my 60's and have a prepetual nest.  Well maybe.  Maybe not.  Mimi eagerly soaks up every setting she's in, taking it all in with wide eyes.  First thing in the morning, she loves to gently stroke my cheek, then I open my eyes, and she's there beaming at me, wanting to get our bed and cuddle up.  I mean could there possibiliy be a better way to wake up?!  And did I mention cute?  So uber cute that it seems unfair not to spread some of it around!  She really is an easy child and a pleasure to be with.  Well most of the time that is. 
Maybe a new Photography 101 post is in order?   Come to think of it, I haven't done one in a while.  How 'bout some pointers for shooting in full sun.  Which evidently I've been doing a lot of these days!


  1. I can imagine it's hard being the oldest son, but not the oldest child. That probably manifests itself in complicated ways. 14 is never an easy age, not for the 14 year old, not for the parents.

    Fortunately, 14 doesn't last forever.

  2. I've found 14-15 particularly challenging with all of them. Maybe that was just the luck. But also the most opportunities to grow and learn and connect. Parenting ain't for wimps!

  3. beautiful, lovely, wonderful. all of it - Sedona, your kiddos, your thoughts/words and your pictures...

    1. From you, that means so much. Thank YOU for your continued inspiration!

  4. When my second child...was 13-17........most days I didn't really like him. LOVED him to death, but he was nearly the death of me some days! Now that he is married, he's a real love:) They do become human and rational again.....just keep loving and wait:) Love your pictures.....I could eat that little Mimi up.....lose myself in the depths of Tess's eyes.........just look at Jude......they are all so beautiful. You are blessed indeed.

  5. Your talent makes me jealous! Even after taking a couple of classes I still can't get color right in super sunny photos! Either they are under or over exposed. I guess perfect makes perfect.

  6. If you find THAT handbook, send a copy my way!! Beautiful pictures and beautifully written as usual.

    1. Ya, I'd pay dearly for another copy of it! Seems the one I got from the hospital when I got the baby has gone MIA. I really should keep beter track of that important-type stuff.

  7. Ah - raising children is like using computers - each new version of the OS requires you to learn a lot all over again - they all basically run the same way - but the buttons and icons are in different places and the commands change with each new one!

    Still - and while I'm parent enough to know that its not always easy - you DO have it all going on!

    But most importantly - thanks for taking the time to see that, and enjoy it!

    hugs - aus and co.


  8. A lesson on shooting in the sun? YES, PLEASE!

  9. Oh the parenting of young males is NOT for the light-hearted. I've so been there and done that! The GOOD THING is....they do come manifest into someone you can tolerate being around! You will look back on these days and LAUGH...hard to believe but it is true. Love to here my now GROWN SONS sit around the table and say " remember when I tried to get away with_______. Daddy do you remember the time I___________. They DO APPRECIATE the times you were HARD on them and will definitely tell you that....of course that MUCH FURTHER down the road...but believe me its MUSIC TO YOUR EARS!

    LOVING YOUR PHOTOS IMMENSELEY!! Your pictures are so sharp and clear that I can almost here the wind whistling thru the grass and the creek babbling. You have a SPECTACULAR eye for beauty and capturing it so eloquently. I love your SEDONA pictures and get SOOOO excited waiting for photos to be uploaded!

    I would LOVE to have a PHOTOGRAPHY 101 tip!! Although I think I could NEVER get my photos anywhere near yours, but hey....I have fun learning the techniques!!

  10. Your pictures are amazing. I love the story of each of the children. Found you on the linkin with my ladies.


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