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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Golfer of Glory

The Golfer of Glory
By Boo (10 years old)

My name is Wahs Sinned,
The Golfer of Glory.

I am as old as the 18th hole,
Yet as new
As your last stroke.

I originated
From the hole-in-one,
Then sprouted out of the hole
To help people get better at golf.

I have a nose like the slope of a hole
With cheeks as smooth as the sky.
My golden hair waves like the waves
As a full moon night.

I sound like a club
Plunging through the air
And whacking the ball
Off the tee.

I live in a club house near a calm lake
That excites many people by fishing. 
There’re many days with cool air
And many elk and deer
The pine trees that sway in the wind.

I eat the joy of the people
Hitting the ball and watching it down
With the thought
Of never giving up.

I erase any bad stroke
And give the ability
To get a hole-in-one
On the hardest hole.

The golfers praise me

Because I give them
Tips and recommend clubs.

In the future
I will retire
When golfing gets bad.  
Ya think he's excited for golf season to start?
Or more likely just all of summer to start?
Ya, me too.

We all are!

ps--Little Cabin in the Woods is beckoning us to come.
pps--the green, sand traps and lake on the mask just throws my over the top!  LUV that boy!
ppps--linking up with Stefanie over at Sunday Snapshot.  Head on over to see some great blogs!


  1. This is too cute... and love your poetry!

    1. Well... it's actually my 10-year-old's poetry. He shares more enthusiasm for both poetry AND golf then I do! But I do respect how he combined his loves together!

  2. What I love is that the two stanzas that begin "I originated" and "I have a nose" suggest the shape of a golf ball. Some of the other stanzas suggest half a golf ball, but there you get the suggestion of the full ball. It was probably completely accidental but it adds such a neat touch-- rounding out a well written poem, so to speak, and adding another layer of visual interest.

  3. Haha, very very nice!! I love his enthusiasm. Good luck, little golfer! ;)

  4. Great stuff - to which I'm moved to yell "FOUR"!! Golf does not equal my game! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.


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