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Monday, May 13, 2013

Okracoke Island

I was 19 years old the last time I was on this island.  Or rather the only other time I was on this island.  And it's still a pretty magical place.  
Full of bicycles and families.  
And a dreamy lighthouse.  It was my favorite of the three lighthouses that we visited.  
Cemeteries and old oak trees. 
(I remember when I first saw these headstones 25 years ago.  Eliza is the mom that lies next to her husband, Job, both of whom died in their 60's.  Next to her are her 4 sons, who passed 30 years prior, with in the span of a year.)
Peel-n-eat Cajun style shrimp (I will not tell you how much I ate.  Far too embarrassing.) and pirate lore.  
I hope more than anything that I can bring my family back her someday... someday sooner than 25 more years.


  1. Wait a minute.....who is that very fit & healthy looking woman in the jeans and teal jacket???? Seriously? You look FANTASTIC! Why have you been hiding????? Your hard work sure has paid off.

    1. M-Oh you KNOW that made my morning! The jacket is a size XXL, but it doubles as a great pillow on the plane so I'm not getting a smaller one... yet, and the jeans even have a belt! (ps-your $20 is in the mail)

  2. I agree with Michelle! Wow! I had to scroll back up after I read her comment because I had totally missed you! WHY are you hiding is a great question! The next one is .....what are you DOING!

    You visited Ocracoke at a great time too! Not all the tourist traffic that is INSANE in June through mid August! and NO mosquitoes! They will carry you off in the summer! But I agree it is a most charming place, and the back streets are like out of a story book. I love the pictures you took! You do a great job at capturing the "mood" of your subjects:)

    1. Oh Judy, Thank you!!! It's SO hard and I still have a ways to go. Not making much progress recently, but it is a marathon, not a sprint.
      I have a post that I'm working on re the weight loss journey.
      I had no idea the mosquitoes were big and thick in the summer! I can't stand mosquitoes! Glad we went when we did.

  3. favorite island in the OBX. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I hope to get back soon.


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