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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sedona and Red Rock Crossing

This weekend found me alone with the 4 littlest crazies.
Someone was away in Florida visiting her favorite soldier, another off to California for a school trip, Papa was in New Mexico fly fishing, and the man-child away to the Florida Keys with scouts.  Which left just me and the 4 youngest ones.  So we took Saturday and went on a bit of a mini road trip to Sedona.  
Do not miss the back drop!  It's absolutely breath taking!
This is Red Rock Crossing in the magical Sedona.  It's about a 90 minute drive from our home, (Yes, lucky us!  I do love this amazing state!) and this specific site is a wonderful place to take the kiddos.  There is an easy peasy hike down to the river, even easy enough for Mimi, and the reward is at the bottom where the red rocks meet the river.   And then we spend hours eating a picnic lunch and lounging by the river doing really important stuff, liking playing with sticks and mud, and dipping our tootsies in the water, or making hand prints on the rocks.  
Boo spent much of the afternoon chasing lizards.  A boy with more lizzards hiding in the cracks of the red rocks than he could possibly dream of.  He was in boy heaven!
And I'm not exactly sure what was going on here, but she was adamant that her top not get too wet.  She walked around like that for much of the time.  
The blog is a wee bit behind.  But I'm gonna post these like they just happened, and unless you follow my Instagram feed, you'll never know the difference.  

Ya, so here's what we did yesterday 
**cough cough**

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Sedona, go!  It is a magical place.  


  1. WOW! Some day I will make it to Sedona! BEAUTIFUL! (And those kiddos of yours are awesome too) Great pictures, and wonderful memories! And of course, it happened yesterday... :D

  2. Wow - first off - you're completely correct - from Friday - her gaze looks right through you - what an awesome child!!

    Onto Sedona - reminds me of my youth - and some rocks that simply scream "CLIMB ME!!" Well I'm sure my gear is outdated and probably too old and rotten to use - but I bet I could rent some! ;)

    hugs - beautiful place - beautiful models - life!!!

    aus and co.

  3. I love that place! The river running through it is SO fun! Beautiful pictures!

  4. One word: Stunning! Love seeing your photos. Your family is blessed to have such a gifted photographer capturing beautiful memories.

  5. I don't think I've been to Sedona in a couple decades. Methinks I NEED to go back!! What a perfectly lovely day there - totally worth the 90 minute drive!!

  6. you went! and you are braver than me to be on your own with little ones! i keep telling myself i should just take them down for the day but then an image of us hiking awhile and then both of them wanting to be carried keeps me at home. the photos are beautiful, your day looks amazing.

  7. Yes, sweetie pie, we went and it was all your idea! We only did the little hike down. I had to hold Mimi's hand in a couple parts. Then took the short cut up the road on the way back. And only Tess was the one I had to watch super closely going to close to the water. So it was totally do able. Maybe we should meet there someday and picnic? I think it's about 1/2 way for us both.


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