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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo and egg dump

Easter was wonderful.  It was a quiet holiday this year.  Most of our family was out of town, and we found ourselves setting our own flexible schedule.  It was a nice relaxing day.  The perfect weather.  Both Papa and I did our best to over-cook all the food, and of course Easter is about so much more than the food, so it made no difference.  
The egg hunts, both the one at church and the one here at our house, proved that Mimi is a master egg finder!  The gal is a serious pro!
This young lady... oh my... someone make it stop.  16 going on 26.  Where are the tissues?  *sniff sniff*
And my boys.  Boys are so very serious about egg hunts.  
Seems to bring out the most competitive side in them.  
The big kiddos, even though they aren't hunting for eggs, still get a basket of sorts.  Just some little faves. 
My oldest baby is often found texting away with a particular soldier who has caught her fancy.  And Easter is no exception.
In our house, the rabbit fills the eggs with some kind sugar-coated, awful-for-you, highly-processed breakfast cereal that I would never ever buy.  Silly rabbit.  What is he thinking?!  They dump them all out in a communal bowl, and this becomes breakfast. It's a once-a-year annual treat and certainly cuts down on the amount of candy consumed.  
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. I love the cereal idea!!! My sister tends to do coins, or sometimes lego pieces (then the brothers have to work together to assemble the new model).

  2. Cereal! Why didn't I think of that. We had the typical candy, but I sometimes do coins or pretzels. I was afraid it would cause too much angst for Ayub if not everyone got the same things. Next year...CEREAL!

  3. Precious photos and I love the idea of the cereal! So creative!

  4. I LOVE the cereal idea! I'm so going to incorporate that! We do coupons and quarters (and a rotten egg filled with Vaseline).

  5. Love the ceral idea! My kids only get sugary cereal at Grandma's, so ths would be a real treat for them!

    1. The cereal idea is a great one mostly because WHO WANTS ALL THAT CANDY LAYING AROUND for weeks on end? It's OVER in about 30 min. They get enough candy from every other place. Not that I'm against candy, but I just didn't want to add to it.

  6. Love the cereal idea, but we avoid food in eggs altogether since we have serious food allergies to deal with. We've done legos (no model kit-- just a cup of random lego pieces from the lego store), stickers, and this year we did coins (ranging from 4 pennies to a quarter). Heard about families where the kids got $100 bills in their eggs. Wasn't sure how my coin plan would go over till the oldest opened her first egg and said "I got a nickel! Cool!" Not sure if I should be proud that my kids are so easily pleased and so not monetarily focused or embarrassed that my 12 year old thinks fifty-off cents is a win (little one got all the eggs with quarters).

  7. Absolutely love it!

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. What a fantastic idea to fill the eggs with cereal!

  9. Love it!! Beautiful babies you have friend! And the cereal in the eggs is brilliant! Great idea!

  10. What a wonderful Easter for all of you!

    Cereal is a great idea! Brilliant!


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