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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Migration issues

If I'm understanding things correctly, Google Reader is no more come July 1, 2013.  (And that means Googel Friends Connect is obsolete, yes?) That means that if you use Google to follow blogs (including yours truly) they will disappear into the' on that date.

In an effort to not lose my best friends in the whole universe that validate my very existence because I lead a the life of a shut-in only to be let out occasionally for trips to the carpool lane and the nurse's office my readers, I'm pretty please hoping you'll find a new way to keep in touch with us Crazies if you currently use Google or are looking for a new way to keep track of this here blog.  You might want to be proactive and start a new system now.  If you're anything like me, it takes a good few months to get anything done.

So here are a few options--

It seems like most folks are moving over to Bloglovin'.  It's pretty easy to use, (frankly I like it far better than Google to follow my faves) and it makes it easy to keep up to date on your favorite blogs, sort them, add new ones, view them on your phone, iPad...  To add Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9 to Bloglovin' click here.

Or to have updates sent directly to your email, by by clicking here

You could click also here to use Feed Burner.

Is this sounding desperate yet?  It's shameful really.

Of course there's good ol' Facebook.  You can like this blog on Facebook here.

And of course there's Twitter.  Anyone who's anyone uses Twitter to tweet their random significant thoughts.  So of course you can find me there... because I have so much of significance to say... really soon that is... eventually really... which I will do as soon as I have a moment of free time... and a significant thought.  And if you believe that's ever going to happen I have some folks that would like you to please come claim your rightful and true inheritance from a long lost relative in the Republic of Congo if you'd just forward them a small legal fee that you can send directly to Nancy via

It would be ever so appreciated.  I'd miss you horribly!


  1. Thank you for the heads up! I had not heard that and I am a blog follower! I will look at how to keep up to date with all my bloggies :)

    Thanks Nancy!


    1. It's really only going to effect those that use Google to follow their blogs. Luckily, there are other great options.

  2. So because I am not technical when it comes to blogging.. I've been tracking all my blogs in blogger where I write mine.. but it looks that that is affiliated with google, am I reading it correctly that I will be able to keep using blogger to follow? Silly sounding, but like you, I don't want to lose my friends!

    1. Lisa-Marie--Yes there are rumors that all the GFC will disappear. I have no idea it true or not. Google wants all to migrate over to Google+. I have a HARD time using Google+ as it seems very user unfriendly.

  3. Well I had been having EARLY WITHDRAWALS wondering WHAT I was gonna do w/out my "morning coffee" AKA My BLOG Favorites after Googlereader goes defunct. I'm excited and happy to say....ORDINARY MIRACLES are packed securely and safely in my luggage as we travel over to BLOGLOVIN, all I ask is "don't comment on the BLOOMERS in my luggage! Hey...I don't do BIKINI-CUT..OK!!!!

    1. There is a time and a season for big-girl bloomers. I have my own. And thank you for packing us for the haul, D!

  4. Hey Lovely, what a lovely blog! I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop. Followed you via Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

    Feel free to visit, follow and leave me comments


  5. I added you in my new Netvibes account! :)

  6. Thanks for letting us know!! Just signed up and transferred over to Bloglovin.' :)

  7. Thanks for the hints, i've been reading about the end of google reader but avoiding doing anything about it. Your helpful advice motivated me to get crackin on the bloglovin. Thanks for simplifying for the simple among us!

  8. I guess I'm just old fashioned - I book mark my blogs and just jump from book mark to book mark over coffee in the morning! It even lets me sort them the "old fashioned" way!! For example - you are on top of my "regular reads" list. But a couple of my "regular reads" just went TA on their adoptions, and got "promoted" to "next batch of travelers" - and one of my "regular reads" will be coming out of "current travelers" early next week - they are flying back from China as I type this! (You know "the gang" - right?).

    Yeah - color me funny - but I've been using the 'net since long before the World Wide Web!! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.


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