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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladybug hunters {part II}

I'm taking full advantage of the vacant field just down the block.  It's bursting with spring.  Knowing full well that Sunny's time here is growing shorter and shorter, I asked her to be my model.  Mimi was just along for the ride.  (or walk as the case was.)  There's a special thing that can happen when you have a large family.  In the middle of a school day, I have my smallest, too young for school yet, and my oldest whose college and work schedule has her at home in the middle of the day.  Both the littlest and the biggest here at home at the same time.  For a mama, it's divine.  Precious time with them. 

We snapped a few pics, and I'm especially lovin' the black & white conversion above.  Funny how photography is like that.  I set out to capture spring and green and warmth, and I come away with a crisp black & white.  

Unbeknownst to us, it is also ladybug season, and the field was full of them.  Once my girls, both big and little, discovered them, it was obvious that the original plan was out the window.  

Full-sun, mid-day photo sessions can still intimidate me, but I couldn't be happier with the way these pics turned out!
There's something really special between these amazing yet very different girls.  Sunny knows full well that her time getting to know and watching her little brothers and sisters grow from under the same roof is coming to an end.  And I see that she is not only very intentionally savoring the moments with her younger siblings, but taking as many opportunities to be engaged with them as she can.  
And they adore her for it.  

Shucks... so do I.  
Happy spring, all!

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  1. Frame the last one. Please...PLEASE!! Or put it on a canvas. It is AMAZING!!! :) :) :) Wonderful job.

  2. super special pics of a clearly special moment in time ...

  3. I love the shoes. Two such very different places in life.

  4. These are absolutely delightful, Nancy. Gorgeous work!

  5. Can I come live at your house for a couple of weeks so you can teach me how to use my camera like this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such beautiful girls!

    1. YES, Judy! Especially if you do laundry!

  6. Holy wow. Your daughters are both so incredibly beautiful. I love vacant fields : ). And I love, love, LOVE ladybugs. What beautiful pictures you captured. I hope Sunny has fun at college.

  7. Brilliant - from the models to the tech ability to the dirty shoes to the love between sisters - simply brilliant!

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. I love the one of them laughing together.. Precious!


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