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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The perfect photo shoot

She tried to convince me that there was a an owie on her foot.  
Tried as I might, and after looking and looking I could not find a thing.
So she plunked her little self down right there by the lovely window light and looked...
and looked...  
and looked.  
And eventually she put her little shoes back on and went back outside to join her brother and sister.  
Thank you, Mimi, for the absolutely perfect photo shoot.
Thank you.
You made my day.


  1. Great captures and so funny. My daughter has done the same thing. Makes me smile!

  2. What a perfect series of pictures ... love everything about them ... the story, the lighting and of course your adorable subject.

  3. Your pictures are always so adorable! Cheers.

  4. Aw, poor thing, lol! My darling daughter keeps telling me that she has a boo boo on her knee and wants to know when it will be better!

  5. What a precious girl, and what wonderful lighting! A perfect combination in my book! She is getting SO grown up!!! Not a baby anymore... but I still want to squeeze her!

  6. That totally cracked me up! She is so cute and the pictures are great!!

  7. How sweet! And BTW, that happens to me sometimes--I get what feels like I stepped on something sharp, but there's nothing there! So annoying :)

  8. To precious!! Love this series of pictures!! I don't know which I liked best...the sweet feet are those sweet cheeks!! I was SOOOOO WAITING for the BAND-AIDS in one of the photos! Kids just have a fascination w/them!! :)

  9. She is too totally adorable! You captured it perfectly:) What a lucky mama you are to look at that cute face every day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree... I am amazingly lucky!!! So blessed to have been chose to be this child's mama!


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