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Sunday, March 24, 2013

On her 3rd birthday

On her 2nd birthday, we had been home only 3 days from China.  We were jet-lagged to the point of sicknesss, sleeping at all the wrong times, if at all, not eating, getting ill, and just barely being human.  I say barely because I don't really remember any of it through the fog.  International adoption re-entry is one of the toughest parts, especially with a toddler who doesn't like you much.  It's like cramming all the awful newborn baby stuff in to 1 week.  Can I get an amen from the adoption mamas?  So needless to say, I think Mimi had a cupcake on her second birthday.  I think she might have gotten a gift.  I think we sang to her.  But in all honestly... I just don't know.  Sad but true.  

So this year I wanted to make sure she felt extra special on her birthday.  

We started her special day making cupcakes, just her and me.  
She assumed her favorite place in the house, smack dab in the middle of the kitchen island.  Shoes and all.  Bad mama.  I figure there are worse things in life than shoes on the counter and after all, it helps strengthen our immune systems, right?  
Her job was to pile the grass (green-colored coconut flakes) on the cupcake.  We discovered she is a master green-coconut-piler-on-er.
And it gave us some opportunities to practice counting to the magical number 3!  Getting that 3rd finger up, especially when you've only been putting up 2 fingers for a year now, is pretty tricky.  
I made the flowers for the cupcakes the day before.  It's really so much easier than trying to make frosting pretty on cupcakes.  And I though pretty spring flower cupcakes were perfect for her spring birthday!
And what's a birthday without some presents!  She received some bathtub crayons, some blocks, a Jessie doll, a bag of Skittles, some chocolate covered graham crackers, and some other special goodies that she was over-the-moon to receive.  It's so easy to make a 3 year old happy!
And of course we were sure to sing and she blew out the candles.  And as soon as we got done, she looked up and said Again?  So of course we re-lit the candles and sang again.  And she blew them out once more, to which she said Again? again.  And it went on like that for 5 more rounds of Happy Birthday until the candles were just nubs.
Happy birthday to the most wonderful 3 year old around, Mimi!


  1. Lovely shots...the first one is my favorite though-shoes and all!

  2. :D I love it!! Looks absolutely perfect, shoes on the counter and all! What wonderful memories you are making.

  3. I love three year olds. I love how she is studing her fingers to see if she is holding up the right amount of fingers.

  4. This is beautiful! Her smile in all of the pictures makes it evident that she is so happy to be with you and having a wonderful time! Absolutely precious!

  5. Too cute. Love the shot with Papa and the "Again?" Made me smile.

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Mimi! You are an absolutely adorable 3-year-old! Love the photos - the colors - beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday Mimi - looking forward to many many more for you!!

    And yeah - on the "re-entry thing" - while I might be an adoptive "dad" - I'll still give you the AMEN - and the older I've gotten the worse it's been! ;p

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. Happy Birthday to your little one! She looks so happy and she's soooo stinkin' adorable! My tots favorite spot in the house is on top of our kitchen island too! I don't know what it is :o)

  9. Happy birthday. Love the cupcakes.

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!
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  11. Happy Birthday Miss Mimi!
    It looks like she had the most amazing day :)

  12. Aww, she's adorable. How fun that you kept singing the song and blowing out the candles. :)

  13. yay! what a difference a year makes. God is Good.


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