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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My big boys...

... who nearly aren't boys any more.  Especially that tall one.  He's practically a man now... as he reminds me several times a day.
It's such a special season for them.
Back in my teaching days, I discovered that I'm one of those crazy people that loves middle schoolers.  I adore that season of their lives.  Growing.  Learning.  Boundary pushing.  Discovering who they are and where they fit in the big ol' world.  Crazy, right?  But I do.  Patch is just ending this phase, as he'll be a full-fledged high schooler next year.  And Boo will be starting it all too soon.  I want to do all I can in this season the give them firm love and a soft place to land.  I want to re-emphasize just where all the lines are as they try to repeatedly try to cross them.  
Yes, both of them had their shoes untied.  This is life.  This is reality.  This is a concussion in the making.  
This one is a complete and total cuddle bug.  Boo is so physically affectionate!  He is now 10 years old and has a heart the size of my never-ending laundry pile.  In other words... huge.  He is our 4th child and dead center in the lineup.  I'm so glad he wasn't our last child because he is also an amazing big brother.  He loves those little ones so so so much.  Making me melt in to a puddle of mama goo each time.  
And this one is getting his own post soon.  Our 14-year-old man cub.  He is a dynamic and incredible person.  I am continually amazed about what I learn about myself and human nature in general by being his mama.  He is making me a better me in the process... if it doesn't kill me first.  
Lord, let me savor every moment of them here and now.  
I know from experience how it all changes so amazing fast.  The 19 year old is again talking about moving into her own apartment again, and my knee jerk reaction is still, Hang on a livin' minute there sweet thing!  You can't move out!  You're only 12 years old!  Who's gonna do your laundry?  And wipe your nose?  And stomp in to your parent-teacher conference and tell them how awesome you are?  And kiss your owies when you fall?  Who?  And then I remember that the days have passed in to months (and years) and it IS time. And 12 and 10 and 14 turn into I'm-old-enough-to-move-out-and-live-in-my-own-apartment-now, in the blink of an eye.  

I don't want to forget these precious moments in the drudgery of parenting.  
I want to be totally present and deliberate in every single moment. 


  1. Awesome location for a shoot! And I totally agree about middle schoolers. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else's, but I sure enjoy watching mine try to figure it all out and navigate his way through the world.

    1. I agree... SUCH a fun age! Middle schoolers get a bad wrap.

  2. Yeah - what you said - all of it!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. They grow so quickly! Be careful not to blink you may miss something! Great photos.

  4. I am the same, Nancy! I have never taught FT but have a teaching degree (obtained back right after the last Ice Age) - ;D - but I have subbed and I always have liked the older elementary ages and the middle schoolers! These are great photos of your handsome sons!

  5. So fun to see your boys! Hardly ever see Boo--I wondered if he was one of those kids who doesn't like to have his picture taken? I have one of those :-) Great background and colors. Love it! And glad to know there are people out there who love the age that ISN'T my favorite ;-)


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