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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garage shoot::part II

As the years have progressed, my two older girlies have gotten more and more competitive.

So as not to show favoritism (in the form of blog posts) for one over the over, here is the first born.  In all of her girl-y-ness.
She attempts to teach me about all things hip and cool.  Like how to make any lipstick a matte finish and to never use the words like "hip."

She has a tiny little crush on a certain tall-drink-of-water airman who for now shall remain nameless.   
As she was from the day she came out of the womb, she's still fearless.  Her photos show it.  She seems to radiate this Go ahead world, bring it on!  If you cross me, I will eat you for lunch!  This is not something she inherited from her mother.  

She is fiercely devoted to those she loves.  Thankfully, although she may not like me all the time, she does love me. 

And I love her.  I think I love her more than she could ever know... unless she has a child of her own someday that is.  Not to lessen the love of the others, but there is something special about the love a mama has for the child that made her a mama in the first place.  It's a special amazing thing.  
And someday soon, she'll be leaving our nest.  

But that's okay because I think we're all just going to go with her.  


  1. Love, Love, Love the shots! I wish I had an ounce of her confidence!

  2. My mind went blank because all I can think of is~ Those eyelashes!

  3. My first of two children is also a daughter. And I share your thoughts. PS. Our daughter's have a lot in common.... And are both beautiful!

  4. I look at those images and I'm thinking to myself - "remind me to never cross that girl"! Amazing, beautiful, and brilliant are also some words that come to mind!

    Great work here Nancy!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  5. She is beautiful Nancy! Beautiful!!!

  6. Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl! And I want that lipstick, it was gorgeous, and maybe it will give me some of her attitude! Can I ask which one she uses? :)

    1. She says Revlon, the darkest purple one. Yep, I asked, and she really meant purple! Hmmmmmm...

  7. Oh Nancy. You have such a lovely lovely family. I've been hopping over for quite some time and have always enjoyed your blog. I sure hope you'll join our Easter Basket Showcase link party on the 28th to show off your easter baskets! I'd love to have such a well-known blogger participate! :)

  8. again, gorgeous!! The clarity of her eyes, they are fierce, just breathtaking!! She will do amazing things in her life, you can just see it!!

  9. gorgeous, the fierce beauty of her expression is breathtaking!! She will do great things some day soon, you can just see it in her!!


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