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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A year ago today...

...we were in China, seeing everything we could.  Taking it all in.  Experiencing everything it had to offer.  All the while anxiously awaiting her.
Our referral picture of our sweet Mimi!
We were beyond excited.
And scared.
And thrilled.
And giddy.
And nervous.
And sleep deprived.
All at the same time.

The anticipation that had been building for months and months was almost to an end.

She was almost ours.

And then she came.

And then a year passed.
And I wondered where in the heavens did all that time go?

to be continued on Monday...


  1. So precious! Love it! Happy one year home, mimi!

  2. wow, it is incredible to see how much she has grown, both physically and emotionally! How beautiful.

  3. What a beauty! Happy Gotcha Day!

  4. This is a gorgeous picture that captures the essence of a beautiful little girl.

  5. That picture just makes me want to weep since I know how difficult it was for your precious girl to heal. What a change in those gorgeous eyes of hers!!!! BTW I am loving figuring out all the LR thingys!!!

    1. YEA Paige for the LR stuff!!!! Luv to hear it!
      And yes, it was a tough transition for her. But her grief is gone and that smile is just amazing!

  6. She is just sooo pretty - I love her sweet smile. :D I had forgotten you had gone to China so close in time to us! I cannot believe a year has passed.


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