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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5x7 plate camera (or swooning over fathers and daughters)

Is there anything better than watching your parents and your children together?
I'm stating the obvious by saying that now that I have children of my own, I get it.  I better understand my parents and what they did and how they felt about parenting... and me.  I get the tears they shed and the struggles we had.  The 3 hour family meetings. I better appreciate the words they tried desperately to get me to understand when I was young.  Nothing like opening my own mouth in exasperation to a squirrley teenager and hearing my father's words come from my own lips.  Sometimes words that I swore I would never say much less appreciate!

So watching my father with Livy is sweet indeed.
So so very sweet.
If you remember this trip to home, there was one camera that was missing.  This big guy.  A 5x7 large format plate camera, circa 1930's ish.
Isn't she gorgeous?!
So my papa came down and gave Livy a lesson.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
He's a natural-born teacher.  
 You're looking at the 5x7" plate film being inserted into the camera.  It is inserted one shot at a time. 
They go under the tarp to make it dark so they can see through the view finder and compose and focus the image.
Then use a hand-held light meter to get a meter reading.  
Then she got to try it all on her own.  I think she's having fun!  What an experience for a 16 year old.
I went under the tarp and took this pic of what it looks like through the view finder.  Livy was taking a pic of Grandpapa.  
You have to focus from under the tarp.  
A view from the front on with the lens removed.  
I'm trying to convince my dad to bring it down to the desert one more time so we can hike it out into the desert Ansel Adams style and do a city skyline shoot.  Although I'm not so sure we'll actually put it on top of the car.


  1. What an awesome moment for Liv, your Dad, and you too! I'm jealous (in a good way!)

  2. What an awesome camera, and a sweet post. <3

  3. That is awesome!! I trained on a similar type of camera when I briefly attended a photography school (lighting class was my worst nightmare & I kinda quit instead of flunking out). Learning to see backward & upside down is quite a skill to pick up- but is so worth the effort!! How fun you all!! And especially for Liv!!

  4. What a treasure to have! The camera and your Dad! So precious! I would love to get a lesson from your dad and a chance to take a picture with that beautiful camera!

  5. What a great opportunity to have! Just a little jealous of the awesomeness of your photography skills!

  6. THAT CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. But even more awesome than the camera is the preciousness of the pictures you took of your dad with your daughter.


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