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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Little Miss SaiGon

This young lady has been so hard to photograph lately.  Full of cheesy grins or better yet, running when I get the camera out.

My SaiGon beauty.  

My tiny little petite peanut, who is 5 1/2 years old, and not quite 30 pounds yet, has grown so big.  A contradiction I know.  
So I'm over the moon that I was able to capture these in celebration of New Years.  In VietNam I picked up a bevy of Ao Dais up to probably age 18.    I love it as she grows in to them!  But even the smallest 2, this turquoise one and a red one, are still huge on her.  

This black and white, below, is my favorite, probably just because she looking straight at me, through me really, with those amazing eyes of hers.  For all you mamas and papas who have dealt with attachment issues, you know what a huge deal this is.
And despite the fact that she's still so little, these make me wonder where the time flies away too.  I miss the days her entire sleeping body fit on my chest and I could feel her breathing on me. 
And I'm remember to savor every little moment of her right here and right now. 

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  1. She is so lovely! These are gorgeous photos!

  2. So grown up!! (Tiny, but mature!) I love your favorite as well, although they are all good.

  3.  Your photography skills! Following your lovely blog back!!!

  4. These are so beautiful. And savor is the right word. All moms need to remember to savor these days.

  5. Your favorite is my favorite too, and my second pick is the last one...all that color! This from the person who posted black and white this week :)

    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. It is indeed wonderful to be able to catch the world one frame at a time.

  6. These are breathtaking. They look great in color or black and white! SHE is gorgeous and couldn't take a bad picture if she tried, I'm just sure of it!

  7. I'm so happy you visited my blog today! Your family is beautiful, Nancy! I look forward to following your blog.


  8. She is beautiful! It looks like a very successful photo-shoot!

  9. What a beautiful girl. I too like her eyes in the b&w. It is so true to remember to savour the present.

  10. Oh that "cheesy grin" phase! Haha. But you'd never know that by that beautiful smile on that angelic face. What a beauty.

  11. Hey, great pictures. All of your children are so amazing. I love how you capture each of their individual beauty in the photos.

  12. She is stunning and you capture her beautifully!!

    1. Gail, Coming from you, that means so very much. Thank you!

  13. This series is gorgeous! You can't go wrong shooting Tess. She's stunning. You did an amazing job capturing her!

  14. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous Tess. I love the colors but I really like the black and white photo at the top showing the umbrellas in the background. It seems black and white photos just strip away everything and you just focus on the face and what a face this girl has. :D

  15. Your little girl is amazingly beautiful. This hairstyle is just wonderful for her. I can see her all day.

  16. Oh my...wonderful - and so get the thoughts on attachment!

    hugs and great joy - aus and co.


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