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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lightroom Love {Part II}

I'm so stinkin' excited!

It's no secret.  I love Lightroom!  I really do!  I honestly would not have the photos of my family without it!  It's true.  Without my Lightroom I might have given up photography.

And I know that there are quite a few of you out there that are sitting there with Lightroom and just aren't sure where to start.  I have been there!

Or perhaps you've figured out how to get photos off your camera's memory card and on to your computer, but aren't sure what to do with them next.

Or maybe you are taking photos with your DSLR and you are ready to take it to the next step... editing.  But it's a big leap.

And I want to take you there!

I am beyond excited to offer the online course, Lightroom 101: An Editing Class for Beginners.

Let me help you figure out what to do with your photos next.  Let me show you Lightroom's magic and take your photos to the next level!

Lightroom is offered through Adobe.  But don't buy it yet.  My 30+ day class is is purposefully designed to coincide with Adobe's free 30-day trial of Lightroom.  So if you don't have Lightroom, this would be a great time to try it out before you buy it!

Here's a look at what Lightroom 101: An Editing Class for Beginners is going to cover:
How to download and organize your photos
Step by step instructions for completing a quick clean edit
Using tools to selectively edit areas of your image
Converting photos to black & white
An introduction to presets and how to install, use, and create your own
How to save your newly-edited photographs
Taking your photo(s) from Lightroom to Photoshop and back in one quick click
Creating and using watermarks

Here's another part about the class that I'm really excited about!
I've been taking photography classes for a very long time, so I've combined my favorite ways to learn in this class.  We all learn is different ways, so there will be both step-by-step written lessons and video tutorials in easy-to-understand language.  And this course is going to be totally interactive.  We're going to do this together!  You can share your photos online {or not}, ask questions, and get feedback.  You'll also be able to see what the other students in the class are doing and asking too.

Wanna join me?  I'd love to show how to do it all in the least amount of time!

The course is 5 weeks long, offering 2 lessons per week.  Then you'll have another 2 weeks to let it all sink in, practice, and ask more questions.  You choose when to check in online, view course material, and there's no pressure because you work completely at your own pace.  Feel free to come to class in your jammies!   I know I will!  I'll be available the whole time for questions and offering clarifications if anything tricky comes up.

You'll need Lightroom downloaded and installed on your computer, (check Adobe for system requirements) images taken with your DSLR and downloaded on to your computer to practice on, a Facebook account, and access to high-speed internet to be able to view video tutorials.  

The cost of the course is $119 and class size will be limited.

Some necessary legal mumbo jumbo... 
If you must cancel your session, your fee can be applied to another future course.  Due to the online nature of the class, fees are non-refundable.  I take the utmost care to honor my commitment as promised. However, should I be unable to perform services due to illness, injury, family crisis, or emergency, I reserve the right to reschedule the course.  If I fail to comply with this contract for any reason, liability is limited to the total amounts paid. 

But there's one last thing...
Because this course is brand spankin' new, there will surely be kinks to work out and typos to correct.  So I'm enlisting some help.  I'm offering the "beta version" of the course for half price, $59, to the first 10 people who get in touch (either comment on this post or email me and please be sure to leave your email address) and would like to go through the class and will give me lots of feed back on how to make it even better.  After the tweaks have been made, the next course will be announced approximately mid March.

Holler if you have any questions.  I'd be glad to help you figure out if this class is a good fit for you!


(UPDATE-The beta class is now full.  You ladies blew me away!  After we get all the kinks worked out, I'll will be announcing the full version of the course likely in mid-March.  Thank you so very much!  I am truly humbled.)


  1. Sign me up!! :) Yippie, yippie, yeah!! My email address is How do I get payment to you?

    So crazy excited!!!!!

  2. Whoop! Whoop! How exciting! Wish I was ready for this, but better to let someone who has the time to give you great feedback jump on board. Congrats on another big step doing something you clearly love.

  3. Nancy I would love to learn LR. I have it and am so confused. What else is new!! (:

  4. So excited! I would love to take your class! When does the class start?

  5. Oh fun! I'm clueless in editing and I've had photoshop for years and all it does is collect dust! Unfortunately our floors are being replaced next week - a week long process, and then we are going to Phoenix for midwinter school break. No way at all to be online!

    I'm going to keep my eye open for a future class for sure. I've wanted to learn for years but have been too intimidated to try.

  6. If you have an extra spot open up please let me know!


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