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Friday, February 1, 2013

Her first haircut

This was actually her first hair cut.  We think she was about 12 months old at the time.  Happy birthday and pass the clippers!
This photo makes me sad.  She seems so sad and missing that special little spunk she always has.  

It's seems our girl is a tad bit follically challenged.  Likely the reason they shaved her down to a cue ball thinking it would help her hair grow back thicker.  2 years later, nope.  Didn't work.  Still follically challenged.  

But almost 2 years later, it was time for her first hair cut.  Her hair was getting pretty bad and scraggly looking.  I-just-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket looking.  I-slept-under-a-bridge looking.  My-mama-only-has-time-to-blog-and-take-an-insane-amount-of-photos looking.  So a hair cut was in order.  And I'd be a poor example of a proud mama if I didn't document the whole thing!

Enter stage left... Susan.  
My angel Susan.   
Heavenly sent Susan. 

Susan has come to our home every 8 weeks for over 10 years and 4 children now.  I give her a glass of wine, and over several hours, she cuts... almost all 9 of us.  Some, who shall remain nameless, require additional maintenance like coloring massive amounts of grey and brow tweezing.  Susan does it all.  

So Susan gave Mimi her first haircut too!

Now before you think Mimi was one of those kiddos who was traumatized by even the sight of the scissors...
...let me explain that she's actually ticked off because she has to wait her turn.  She's a gal that wants what she wants when she wants it!  And she does not wait for Jude!
Can I get an Amen?
But once I took her shirt off, indicating that her turn was coming, her tone changed.  
Maybe it was the fact that she got to play on my phone.  No matter.  She was happy and still. 
Ahhhhh, that's better!
Thank you, Susan!


  1. Oh man, wish I had a Susan! And little bit is adorable. My sweetie has no hair either, maybe they'll let it grow a little before we go get her?

  2. I'll give you an AMEN for having someone who will come to your home! :). Totallly lovin' those photos of her with the i-phone. Too freakin' cute!. I'm a relatively new follower, so I've been going back and trying to catch up with your journey. Which totally deserves another AMEN! :)

    1. Well the VietNam adoptions were SOO different than the China adoption. I said Amen like every 30 seconds back then from the constant prayer state I was in most of the time.

  3. Well YOUR SUSAN sure blew this product out of the water..... SOMEBODY contact WEBSTER because they hadn't met YOUR SUSAN!!

    Webster's description: A Lazy Susan- is a rotating tray, usually circular, placed on top of a table to aid in moving food on a large table or countertop.

    YOUR SUSAN description:

    SUPER SUSAN is a rotating hairdresser, when given a glass of wine, can aid in grooming a large family of NINE at the kitchen table or even a countertop

    LOVE MiMi's haircut!! She is adorable as ever!

  4. So cute ! I WISH our little one would have tears bc she didn't want to wait, ours just freaks bc of the haicut part and I work in the industry !!!!!

    1. Isn't that hysterical that she's crying the big ugly because she can't get her hair cut right then and there! She's a hoot and a half!

  5. My daughter has that look of sleeping under the bridge look, but I am too afraid to cut her curls in fear they will not come back. Mimi looks darling!

  6. I only have two and I'd love to have a Susan who would come to our house! Mimi looks adorable.

  7. That is too sweet. I haven't cut Reagan's hair yet...I don't want to.. :(

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. Okay, Susan is awesome! That is great that she comes to your house. Mimi's eyes in that first picture so big and dark.

  9. Ok i want a Susan!....I have learn how to cut boys and girls hair....i get mine done, but the rest of them have me;(


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