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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Desert snow ::: Iowa snow

In the span of 24 hours...

Yes, I was caught on the freeway when the snow came down in the desert.  It was the oddest thing ever.  It didn't snow everywhere.  There was no snow at my home.  2 miles down the road and no change in elevation, there was this-
Snow happens on rare occasions here in the desert, but it's more like a light dusting.  This was a full inch of snow dumped in a very short period of time in only a very small area.  In the 3-4 miles we traveled on the freeway, during evening rush hour, which was zipping along at 5 miles an hour, we passed at least 4-5 wrecks, mostly folks that slid off the side off the road or just spun around and ended up facing the wrong way on the freeway.  We later heard that most all of the accidents were caused by horribly snow-inexperienced drivers taking pics on their cell phones (yes... while driving) of the once-in-a-lifetime weather.  There were blue skis and sunshine in some places as it came down, and at the very same time, across the road was an amazing rainbow.  See?  It was freakishly weird!

Don't get mad at me!  My passenger took these.  I was driving, trying to avoid spinning cars. 

So what's a desert rat to do?  Get on a plane and head to where it really snows!  And that's just what we did early this morning.  I'm currently in Iowa.  Hubby's family is here for a little get together and celebration of life.  And lest I forget to mention that it's currently 19 degrees here, and I'm pretty sure that the Great Blizzard of 2013 is upon us, and we are going to be snowed in until the spring thaw!  Somebody SAVE US!  I'm starting to ration out the chocolate bars!  they are experiencing a totally normal and typical snow storm.  Missing my grass.  And shorts.  And flip flops.  Go ahead those of you that who have to actually live in this stuff... go ahead to giggle at me now.  Smirk.  It's okay.  I can take it.  I deserve it with all those warm-weather pics I post in January and February.
Iowa... as the great blizzard of 2013 rolls in

Excuse me while I go put on another pair of socks.


  1. I live here in Winterset Iowa and I am also enjoying our Iowa winter storm. I hope you are staying warm. I also lived in New Mexico where it snows and then the snow is all melted by noon. With 70 degree weather the next day. I have been enjoying your great blog and beautiful photography.

  2. Did you say "a full inch" got "dumped?????????????" Oh Nancy, I'm speechless....
    I hope you get a real chance to burn some calories shoveling while you're in the midwest!!!

  3. Great stuff Nancy - and about the time you acclimate to the cold you'll be back in the hot! Ah well - at least we have "seasons"! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. I'm glad you drove safely. I wish I had a passenger with me to take pictures for our freak snow storm earlier this week! It was SO PRETTY, and so weird to see snow where there isn't usually much at all.

    Don't freeze!

  5. Aw, it is pretty. We have about 9-10 inches here in the Missouri. Our cars are officially stuck in our driveway. I hear the highways are getting cleared out but they actually had to close 2 highways here due to snow and cars being stuck in the middle! Crazy! They have declared a state emergency. I am cool, working from home, snuggling my babies. We all love no school days!

  6. I'm from Iowa, living in SoCal. As much I as dislike snow I sure do miss the snow days! Enjoy the "great Blizzard." :)

  7. I saw that on our Instagram and was amazed!! Call me a "photogeek" but those droplets of rain on the window and the rainbow in the backdrop just cast me into another hemisphere!! LOVE IT!!!

    Stay warm! We are basking in 65-70degree weather here in my part of the world!!

  8. I'm in Omaha, not far from where you are now. We got about 8 inches but we were sort of hoping for 16. We need the water. Nebraska is going to look kinda weird without growing corn fields.. Take lots of pictures of your babies in the snow!!

  9. Sorry bout that. We brought it from Seattle. We'll try to leave it at home next time!

    We were driving the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat when it started. It was insane! We got lots of pictures of snow covered desert cactus though!! We could even make snowballs by the time we got to Fish Creek.

  10. Sorry about that. We brought the snow from Seattle. We'll try to leave it at home next time.

    We were driving the Apache Trail when it started going to Tortilla Flat. It was crazy. We got lots of pictures of snow covered cactus though. Even the locals were taking pictures and by the time we got to Fish Creek there was even a little snowman on the side of the road!

  11. I want snow! Can you please send some this way to Maryland? Every time we get precipitation we also get a warm front and it rains...OR...we get an inch of snow only to melt the next morning. :/ I enjoyed my visit.


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