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Monday, February 25, 2013

32 reasons my child might have flipped out on our trip to Iowa

1)   Her ears hurt when the plane was descending.
2)   Holding hands is for babies and not 2-year-olds.
3)   I wouldn't let her have a piece of gum.
4)   She never gets to go anywhere.
5)   Papa offered her a green m&m instead of a pink one.
6)   I tore off the toilet paper when she wanted to do it "all by self!"
7)   I wanted her to wait until I was done before she opened the door to the stall.
8)   Papa wouldn't let her drink his wine.
9)   I told her to wait... instead of going to the bathroom for the 8th time in 30 minutes.
10)  Just after she was allowed to choose which bed to sleep in and chose the one by the
        bathroom, she wanted to sleep in the bed by the window.
11)  She wanted a yogurt, but they were locked in the mini fridge until breakfast.
12)  Nobody had gum.
13)  I didn't peel the orange fast enough.
14)  Her car seat was in the back row.
15)  She wasn't allowed to poke the baby in the eyes.
16)  I didn't have another band-aide for her non-existent owie.
17)  She didn't want her sweater buttoned up.
18)  Fruit loops are a unacceptable substitution for Cheerios.
19)  She wasn't allowed to pump gas.
20)  Still nobody had gum.
21)  Mama said prayers with her when she wanted Papa to do it.
22)  I insisted on holding her hand when we walked down the stairs.
23)  We were not going to ride the elevator for the 17th time that night.
24)  Grandpa had gum, but he left it in the car.
25)  I made her wear a coat on top of her un-buttoned up sweater when it was 
       8 degrees outside.
26)  She didn't like the trim on her coat.
27)  I didn't have my buckle bucked up on the plane fast enough.
28)  She was only given a 1/2 a piece of gum.
29)  She wanted the white bow and not the red flower in her hair.
30)  She wasn't allowed to board the plane with the first-class passengers.
31)  I didn't let her wake up the sleeping person in the airport.
32)  She swallowed her gum.
Actually, she was a pretty good trooper despite all the comings and goings.


  1. This is soooo funny!!! And not:) Been there.....
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yes this is my life too:)

  3. Nancy, this is so true! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Oh but look at that face!!! Too cute!

  5. Hee Hee Hee..... such a stinking cute picture! And yes, all of those are very valid reasons for a two year old to have a tantrum..... and you may have even missed a few! :)

  6. Oh I just love your posts! I found your blog yesterday through a friend, Elaine. We are in the early stages of looking into adoption...knowing God's plan is perfect and hoping it involved another sweet one.
    So...I ended up spending nearly two hours after my boys and hubby fell asleep (on the couch) reading and reading and reading. Your heart, your stories, your photos...beautiful! We homeschool and I have a slight affection for photography, too. I've had my "baby" Canon 5d mark II since Fall of 12 and did a lot with it to help pay bills but realized that it only led to me taking less photos of my own children. So, after a little hiatus, I am finally back to almost daily snapping pictures of my own children. I've shot in manual for years but am struggling with low light. I am not a fan of flash and just adore your photos taken in low light. What's your secret? :) Do you use an external flash much? I've gotta figure this out! Thank you for sharing your life with strangers. I'm so inspired and thankful that I've found your blog!

    1. Hi Rebecca! So nice to meet you! I think you've inspired me to do a post just on low lighting! Thx for the inspiration! But the good news is that with your camera (same exact one I have, and OH it's SO good!) that you can do great things with your camera in low light! Crank the ISO, position your subjects to the light, adore Lightoom and reduce noise, meter carefully... it's VERY do-able! Okay, yes, a tutorial is coming for sure. The above pics were taken at ISO 1600 and edited in LR4.

  7. Ha! Looks like gum is a very important staple in your house. :)

    1. Actually, gum in non-existent in our house. Just for emergencies... like 3 hour flights. Then she spent the rest of the trip seeking it out!

  8. Oh how this tickled me!! This is SOOOO my life! Your post enlightens my day to the utmost!

  9. Good one - and good friends with "most" of those 32!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  10. I'm still having a hard time figuring out why you wouldn't let her poke the baby in the eye... what gives mom?!! You're so mean!! ;) And only a 1/2 piece of gum?!! GAH! The injustice of it all!!!


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