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Monday, January 7, 2013

Key word analysis

The following are ways that folks have stumbled upon this here crazy blog.  They typed in various key words in a search engine, and viola, up-popped Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9 as a possible source!
Crazy folks.  
It's really quite crazy I tell ya! 

1984 prom dresses---Great.  Now I've put in print and immortalized for the world to see how old I was when I went to my first prom!  Not a lot of forethought on that one, and now folks are searching these key words and coming up with me!  PS- nothing says prom in the mid-eighties like satin ruffles, hoop skirts, and Jessica McClintock!  Can I get an amen from the ladies of "advanced maternal age?"

Green papaya salad---I'm far from an expert.  But I did try my hand making it, and it was quite yummy!

DIY baby---Ya, I think we all know how the whole "baby thing" happens.  And if you don't know the details, don't come looking here!  No FYI here or reason to search for that, especially not here!  This blog is not smut!  Unless you count that post about my bra.  You'll just have to use your imagination to figure out how to make a baby or go elsewhere!

Middle east busy streets--  Hu?  I can not think of a worse place to come the my Ordinary Miracles blog if you're looking for info on the busy streets of the middle east!  I've never written about the middle east or been there.  But I do like like me some Persian food!  Kabobs and naan and Mast-o-Khiar!  Yum!

I love being a grant writer---Uh... NO!  I do not!  As a matter of fact I can not imagine a more boring endeavor!  Sorry to those grant writers out there that are reading this.  But if I had to be a grant writer I think I might die... a slow horrible grant-writing death.  

Lady National Geographic---Not a clue why my blog would pop up on these key words.  Sadly I admit that there is not a single copy of National Geographic to either be referenced in the this blog or found in the entire house.  That's so sad.  But true. 

Clark Griswold sweater--Some one please tell me there isn't a photo of me in a Clark 

Griswold sweater on this here blog?  I pray it ain't so!
Wheel chairs on the ramp---What idiot is entering these key words?  That's just cruel folks.  Barbaric and cruel.  And now I have the same folks that watch Jack A** hitting on my blog only to be sorely disappointed. 

Vintage Pork women's shoes---Okay, gals... that's just hysterical!!!!  Not just pork shoes... not just women's pork shoes... but VINTAGE pork shoes!!!!  Excuse me while Starbucks spews out my nose!!!   I'm on the floor dying!  Just for kicks and giggles, lets look for an image search of these "vintage pork women's shoes..."

Yep!  Still don't get it! And it's still funny!!!!  But I am lovin' those snake-skin stilettos!  And those pork chops!

 What paint do you use on wooden peg dolls---Well at least that one makes sense!  But I'm pretty sure I didn't spend that long discussing paint selection.  One word.  Acrylic.  Don't want you to lose any sleep or anything searching around for the proper paint selection!  


  1. That's too funny!

    I once did a post about celebrity eyebrows and I get a lot of hits from searches about Amber Portwood's eyebrows (she's one of the moms on MTV's Teen Mom). So bizarre.

  2. I've gotten searches for "his braces", "serial casting", "fell asleep knitting", and "trader Joe's chocolate passport". Weirdness.

    1. Are you quite sure you're not sleep knitting a pair of chocolate braces?

  3. Hee hee.... Nuts, that's just plain nuts!

  4. LOL! Pork shoes? Sounds like Lady Gaga was on your site. Megan over at Millions of Miles posted last year that someone came to her blog through a search for "s*x with horses"...what the what?!

  5. Good laugh for a MONDAY MORNING!! I was cleaning out closets and ran across some old prom pictures and talk about a GOOD LAUGH!! I swear I looked like a DRESSED UP SMURF w/the BLUE DRESS AND BLUE EYESHADOW!! Oh wait...and the HUMUNGOUS BLUE FLOWER that adorned my updo!! My girls had a good laugh at my expense. What was the BIG WOW FACTOR was the fact that instead of my date gingerly holding my hand with my pretty corsage showing, I was gingerly holding his hand while his TOO SHORT SLEEVE of his Dad's CHEAP SKY BLUE SUIT exposed his TOO LONG white dress shirt!! Ahhhhh the "LOOK AT HOW GEEKISH MY MOM WAS" Prom pics! I can't wait to have them SHARE their prom pics with their kids!! Oh how I anticipate THAT day!! Payback is ohhhhhhh so sweet!!

    PS I can't wait to try the PEG DOLLS. I still hadn't gotten around to buying the pegs. However, I so have buckets of paint at the ready! I will be sure to share pics! Hey I may even humor you with a THROWBACK painting of me in that HORRID prom dress...NOT!!

    1. When they fit, make sure you have your daughters try the dresses on! And be sure to take photos! You'll have a big laugh then too!

  6. Too funny. How do you find out what keywords people type into their search engines, though?

    1. You will need some kind of stats tracker installed on your blog. I use this one.
      But Blogger also show some stats too, including keywords. If you're on Blogger, look under "stats," then under traffic sources, and you'll see keyword searches.

  7. I absolutely love vintage pork women's shoes! Oh my goodness! It just doesn't get better than that. Unless of course it's a pig wearing vintage pork women's shoes.

    (And my pegs arrived today! As soon as I have these darn dance costumes finished I get to start on my pegs!)

  8. Great post - I personally LOVED the prom dresses! But don't talk too much about your age- by "Eighty and four" I had two kids, been laid off 4 times, and was deep into my career! And who wouldn't LOVE and '84 vette? I'm.just.sayin...;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  9. Hilarious! What do you use to find out the keywords? I am curious about how some peeps wind up on my blog!!

    1. Kat, see the above comment. I put some details up there. Hope it helps! It's not too hard.


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