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Monday, January 21, 2013

Coming up for air and leaves

I'm up to my eyeballs in projects these days.  I'm consumed and busy and busy and busy.  Coming up for air on the blog to tell y'all I haven't died.  I'm just working on  several things that are keeping me from any free time.
Mimi has her 12 month post placement report due soon.  Our social worker is retiring, and we wanted to see her one last time.  So we had a visit with her this afternoon.  I know we don't have to, but of course we cleaned a little bit deeper than we usually do.  Not to mention the extra bit of paperwork that needs to get done for the report.
Preparations for our 3rd annual Tet/Chinese New Year party that is well under way.  The invitations had to be made and addressed and mailed out.  The Viet Chinese menu is already determined and grocery list is being worked on.  It is CNY after all, so I'd love to find a spare moment to go out and get the littles some new duds since clothing is a traditional gift for the new year.  Then there is some decorating that needs to be done, red lanterns and incense and all.  I love doing it, and the whole family helps!  In our house, the New Year is mostly celebrated by gathering with friends and loved ones and consuming Viet and Chinese food.  So it's no wonder that it's quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays right along with 4th of July and Thanksgiving!
Then there is the fact that I'm all consumed with trying to shed a few (dozen) extra pounds.  It is consuming me mentally.  They have to go.  It is time.  But the simple concepts of Eat less.  Exercise more. and You have to want to be thin more later than you want that cookie now. seem to continually perplex me.  I think about it constantly.  How is it that it is so much work to not do something?  Although it's far from easy, so far so good, and I'm making progress thanks to a wonderfully supportive posse of ladies that are on the journey with me.  Thank you so much pretty posse ladies!
Did anyone notice the smoke coming from my computer?  It has gotten a real workout lately!  I was serious about that Lightroom 101 class happening, although my time frame seems to have been a bit overambitious.  But I'm finally seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!  I found a wonderful friend who I bribed who volunteered to do the first wave of editing for me, and that sent me in to a tail spin to get some work done.  Lots of work has been done in the last week.  The class is coming along and I Can. Not. Wait. to officially announce that Lightroom 101 be starting!  Fingers crossed for sometime in February!
And then there all are the leaves.  Fall lasts all of a week here in the desert and shockingly, it always hits in January.  The littles are chomping at the bit to go play in them morning, noon, and night.  Of course I'm obliging them every chance I have.  Raking.  Tossing.  Loving the joy they get from a simple pile of leaves.
I want to live like that.
Enjoying the here and the now and what God has blessed with me no matter how small or simple.


  1. What a fantastic group of "fall" photos!!! I don't know that I could choose a favorite... So many fantastic moments! Mimi's sheer joy.. Jude, oh my is he looking grown up, Boo tossing the leaves, Tess with her cape and scarf/belt... what a great experience!!!

    Keep us informed on the light room class.. I'm hoping to fit it in my budget!

    1. Oh that scarf/belt is Fire Dog's power belt complete with lots of magical tools for deterring evil.
      Sent you an email re the class.

  2. Oh wow leaves in Jan:) How fun! Keep me in mind for the class I am hoping I can take it also!

  3. Ahh beautiful pictures!!! Chuc Mung Nam Moi Nancy! I wished you were closer so i would cook some traditional Vietnamese dishes and invite your family over.

    1. Oh Holly, SO DO I! I would drive a LONG distance to have you cook for me! And even longer if you'd show me how.

  4. Ahh beautiful pictures!!! Chuc Mung Nam Moi Nancy! I wished you were closer so i would cook some traditional Vietnamese dishes and invite your family over.

  5. Outstanding stuff!! Good luck with the class - and the diet! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  6. Love, love, LOVE these pictures! :) Jumping in leaves with my mom is still a treasured memory for me, so I know your treasures loved that you went out there with them and made it special.

  7. Love the pictures we had 80 degree weather here last week and now its in the low 50's so it is kind of all over the place. I have been stalking your blog waiting for you to announce when you would be doing the lightroom class so that I can make sure I get in.

    Can you email me more information as it becomes available.

    Ashley Stuckey

  8. These photos are absolutely stunning Nancy!

  9. I am working on plans for our CNY dinner...might need to pick your brain! So much to learn :)


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