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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All day. Every day.

This episode of the Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 9 is brought to you by...
Fire Dog
The letter "T"
In this episode of Ordinary Miracles we find Fire Dog 
in hot pursuit of evil villains and general all-around bad guys.
Please insert a "SOCKO" and "POW" where appropriate.
Said bad guys are invisible.   
So don't look too hard for them.
Apparently, they are also in the air.  
Here Fire Dog is fighting Electric Guy who is obviously trying to break in to our home.
She has on her magic cape.
And her magic hat.
And her magic socks paws.
With claws.  
Yes, once Fire Dog dons socks on her hands they are instantly transformed into paws that are able to strike down a bad guy with a single swipe.  Just come over to our home Fire Dog's secret lair and try to find a matching pair of socks.  I dare you.  Go ahead and try.  Can't be done I tell you.   
Oh no!  
Has Fire Dog been defeated by his arch nemesis, an invisible "dimosaur" named Twa?
Certainly not!
There is no defeating this type of mighty strength and power!
We are so grateful that we are very well protected here at at the Crazy 9's.  
If your looking for some plot or conclusion to this episode, don't look too long.  
It's just one continual battle around here.  


  1. Now this is just too darn adorable!! Fire dog guess what....we don't have "matching" I mean PAWS over here either! It's UNIVERSAL!!

    LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I can't wait to TUNE IN to the next episode!

  2. I just sit here staring at your pictures in jealousy! I just love your everyday photography. So crisp and clear and you have some mighty cute photo subjects as well! :)

  3. You are one talented photographer. Love these!

  4. I don't know if its possible for her to get any cuter. Truly

  5. These pictures are classic! Such a cute idea! Thank you for swapping ads with me :)


  6. It must be her trusty sidekick Electric girl's day off?

    1. Hehehehe! Electric Girl was napping. But as you can see, many things have "electric" power, villains included. It's a popular power in the super-hero world.

  7. :D I am so glad you shared more awesome pictures of The Continuing Adventures of Fire Dog!!!! I LOVE FIRE DOG!!!! I love her cape, paws, and hat. And her energy, I wish I had just a tiny bit of the energy that girl has!

  8. Ditto to every thing that has been said!!! I'm thinking Fire dog and Electric Girls' main power is sheer adorableness!!! Love it:)

  9. Those are great pictures! Thanks for linking up at Pea of Sweetness!

  10. Absolutely LOVE that Fire Dog - and she get's some serious "hang time" during those jumps and kicks!! (and as for paw pairs - we fixed that by pinning the paws together with safety pins before they go into the washer!!)

    hugs - aus and co.

  11. She is so animated! Great, fun shots!

  12. I wanna know- does your stomach hurt at the end of the day? Ya know, from laughing with your kids all day long. I love when Fire Dog makes headlines.


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