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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3rd born

Well it finally happened.  
It was bound to happen eventually.
I'm not a small gal by any means, 5' 7 and 3/4" tall.  (Rounding to 5' 8" tall felt like a lie.)  
So it has taken a little while.  
Both the first and the second born have fallen short.
But the third born finally did it.

My out-of-the-box, first born son has grown taller than me at 5' 8 and 1/2" tall.
And landmarks like this make me pause and wonder if I'm doing right by him.
Doing enough.  
Doing okay in general.

As our third teenager, you'd think we'd have it all together by now.  
At least a plan.  
Just winging it day by day.  
This is my grandfather's, Patch's great grandfather's WWII navy uniform  

And if that's not enough, see those canoes feet?
They are a size 13.
Which has made us re-access our family shoe budget.

I'll admit raising a 14-year-old almost man, is a daunting task.  We're knee deep into puberty and testosterone, and let's state the obvious here... puberty and testosterone can make a uuuhhh huumm interesting combination.  He knows how to test my limits.  
Oh he so can test my limits like no other.  And I've fallen short of proud-worthy mama behavior on several occasions.  Let's just say that recently God has laid before me plenty of occasions to practicing both apologizing and my parenting skills.  
And I am beyond excited to see what the world has in store for him as he finishes growing into that man-body.  

I love you my son.  
Love love love you.


  1. He had a very confident look about him.. Kindness too :)

  2. What a man.. you have one handsome, grown up, tall son...

  3. Love your trans"PARENT"cy! Being the parent of now grown adults....I have been there!! There is no "perfect" way of parenting, and it's all TRIAL AND ERROR! I will say though, it puts me on CLOUD 9 when my kids are together and they talk about their "wonderful childhood" and even LAUGH at the moments when it was "not so wonderful" and Momma and Daddy had to "get on them". So you see, he will appreciate it down the line!! I PROMISE YA!!

    1. Well if you PROMISE! But I'm gonna hold you to it!
      There are days that I have serious doubts!

  4. What a handsome young man. He seems like a fun, upbeat guy to be around :)

  5. Awe! Love it! My son is taller than me at 12. It is a little weird looking up to talk to him is crazy.

  6. I am not looking forward to the day mine are taller than me. It's coming all too soon.

  7. I love the pics in this post! Such character!

  8. Ahh... I so remember the day I realized I was taller than my mom (my brother wasn't far behind, he's a whoppin' 6 foot 4). I can't imagine having teenagers, but I'm told the time will be here in the blink of an eye. Scary thought.

    Such fun photos! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Love the pictures and your honesty. God has been giving me plenty of opportunities to grow as well in my parenting.

  10. I remember the joy of needing to buy size 13 baseball cleats. 3 of mine are taller than me, but I'm shrinking, so I'm pretty sure all my bio kids will be eventually.

  11. I love that he posed for these photos especially the feet. Handsome young man with kind smile. Happy WW and thanks for stopping by

  12. Morning Nancy - what a fine young man - and his eyes tell me that you are doing just fine - less than stellar moments included!

    I read something the other day - found it reassuring if nothing else. It was critical of the 'formula parent' - the one that "has it all figured out because they BTDT" - the one that claims to "treat all their kids the same".

    You never treat all your kids the same - because your kids ARE NOT all the same. They are each unique individuals - with different opinions - different skills - and most importantly - different desires!

    That's great for them - but tough for parents - becuase it means we - as parents - never really get it figured out...

    But that's called living - and living life is good!

    hugs - aus and co.


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