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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa brunch

We have a tradition that every year with get together with Papa's family, and all 14 cousins and have a big ol' brunch (and the prime rib was delish I tell you!) with lots of cookie decorating and a surprise visit from you-know-who!  In retrospect, after over 15 years of doing this I'm surprised that anyone is surprised that you-know-who shows up, because he does it every single year!  Yet, they are so surprised every year!
The event always starts off with a lot of cookie decorating.  And by decorating, I mean squeeze-the-frosting-directly-in-one's-mouth-and-eat-four-m&ms-for-every-one-you-decorate. It's amazing that they eat brunch at all after the decorating.  
Jude takes the decorating business very seriously.  

And he also got the stuffing squeezed out of him by his little sisters!
I was lucky enough to sit across the table from this little guy, M.  He is my nephew.  Here he is winking at me.  I mean really, does it get cuter!
And this is his baby brother, H, who is all of 3 months old now and is totally convinced that table food is the way to go.  He's trying so hard to chow down on some bacon.  And melon.  And pancakes.  He really doesn't care which!
M and his pretty mama, my sister-in-law, AKA Auntie K.  
Another too-cute moment.  This is another nephew, P. He was so patiently waiting for you-know-who and snagged a waiting place under his grandma's chair.   Goodness, how sweet is he?  Gonna have to eat him up!
Finally, Mr. you-know-who showed up!  And he brought his lovely bride to help dole out the presents!
It was hard waiting for their turns to visit with Santa, but they did very well.  
Well some of them did very well, and some of them are stinkers and don't have nearly as much practice when it comes to waiting.  Like little Miss Mimi.  
But she eventually got her turn.  As she happily went off to see Santa, Jude pushed her because he didn't think she was going fast enough.  So this happened...
But it was short lived, and Mimi was quickly okay with Mr. Clause.
Jude, who was so apprehensive last year, was lovin' Santa this year!  He was excited and more than happy to share his wish list!
He, as did many of the kiddos, got a headlamp for Christmas.  I think it's the best present in the whole wide world!  Really, a day later, and the kid still will not take it off.
And then came the big kiddos.  There comes an age when it's not longer appropriate to sit on Santa's lap.  Which may explain why Sunny left the event early.  Nevertheless, the other big kiddos did not escape the humility.  Above, Boo, just thought the whole thing was so silly!

Patrick took the whole thing pretty seriously and had a heart-to-heart with Santa.  Not sure what it was about, but I think they both had some good advice for the other.  
Even Livy got a turn.  I think I heard her ask for a new President and a health care plan that all Americans would be happy with.  And I think I heard Santa reply that he'd do his best.  (And yes, that is the most political you will ever hear this blog get.)
One of my favorite images of the event, Tess getting some face time with both the Mr. and the Mrs. after everyone else had gone.   She is showing them how her brother's head lamp can double as a Rudolph nose.  Just in case Rudolph gets sick or something.  
Hope you are all enjoying the last of the Christmas season!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Beautiful children, beautiful traditions, beautiful photos! You have a lovely family!

    Merry Christmas,

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  2. I love those B&W photos, very beautiful!

  3. Oh.My.Goodness....those pigtails!!!! the dresses!!!! I just want to hug and squeeze those two, and Jude..melt my heart!!!!!
    Merry Christmas my friend!!! so thankful to be at home with our babies:)

  4. Fabulous shots! I adore those blue ruffled dresses with the boots! What a fun tradition your family has. Oh, and I put five votes in for you on the photo contest!

  5. LOVE the photos and post! What a beautiful family and love how you captured these sweet memories. How do you organize all your great photos? Do you scrapbook or frame or display your photos? I am swimming in photos and paralyzed by them! Merry Christmas!!! Wen

    1. Hi Wen-
      Well... that's kinda 2 questions.
      To organize I have them on my computer organized by date and event. Then backed up on a hard drive. Final edited photos I have double backed up on Flickr.
      To display/use the photos, I annually print a copy of that year on the blog and make a book out of it. It's our family scrapbook. Many photos are framed around the house. And some select favorites are turned into large canvases. There are LOTS of uses for family photos. I have a whole Pinterest board for how to use them with lots of ideas I haven't gotten to yet!

  6. What an awesome tradition! I love the girls' dresses and bows. And I got such a kick out of seeing the big kids sitting on Santa's lap!

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  7. Beautiful photos Nancy. Your 3 youngest have the most gorgeous smiles. I also loved the big kids sitting on Santa's lap and bless her heart, Mimi....what we put our kids through with the Santa thing. :D Emma would not go near Santa for the first 2 years - she would fight and scream - would not go near him. Then the third year she was tentative, but fine. Noelle on her first year fought and screamed also - would not sit. :( Who wouldn't be scared of a big white and red man with only his eyes showing! lol Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. What a beautiful family!!!

    I love the joy in all these photos. Have a blessed Christmas!


  9. What wonderful shots!

    The best Santa photos are the ones with the kids crying- there is something amusing about their terror over something so harmless.

    It's wonderful that your older kids will play along. It helps keep the "magic" for the little ones just a bit longer.

  10. I love these shots. The funniest Christmas photos are the ones with the little one crying. I have one of myself where my back is arched and I'm sweaty from crying!

  11. Truly BEAUTIFUL photos!!! I had to snicker about Jude pushing precious Mimi! That would SO BE MY 4yr old grandson!! You have captured some beautiful memories. I have got to keep this GET TOGETHER underwraps because we have TONS of kiddo's in our family and what a fun tradition to start!


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