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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rip and tear

It started far earlier than usual.  Laying in my bed at o'dark thirty I heard them starting to rustle around.  Little gasps and oooos and ahhhhhs were the first things I heard as they milled around the tree.  
We decided to let them open their stockings super early, but the real rip and tear would have to wait till the teens were up.
We exchange gifts with our immediate family, and this little cutie was my secret Santa this year.  He was so excited to give me my present!
And then the rip and tear commences.
It's actually not total chaos.  Nobody is allowed to get their own presents under the tree.  You can only get one to give to someone else.  And only 1-2 presents can be opened at a time.  That's my own selfish rule because I love to see them open them up and can't stand the thought of missing something!
Unlike years past when Papa is consumed with cleaning up the mess as it is being made, I was able to convince him to let it go this year and clean it all up in the end.  
Nice mess!
This young man was all consumed with a micro RC car.  
We rounded out the birthday celebration with our family's traditional Christmas supper of prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, grilled asparagus, homemade rosemary rolls, and Sunny's apple pie for dessert with real homemade whipped cream!
I love real whipped cream!
I love it so much I would marry real whipped cream!

Then the button popped off my jeans.
Lucky for me New Year's Resolution season is right around the corner!


  1. Mimi's 1st X'Mas! Your family is amazing. :)

  2. Beautiful photos Nancy! You captured the special moments so well. Merry Christmas! Any thoughts on reusing that dossier ;-) Mimi has grown up so much in the last year she doesn't even look like a baby anymore! What a precious little girl. Say "hi" to the gang. Ann

    1. Oh Ann... if you only knew your timing of that question!
      Still praying.

  3. HAHA! That's why I wore yoga pants on Christmas ;-) Love the pics, as always. And, you're not alone with the "selfish" desire to see the kids open their gifts. One year we had a free-for-all and I hated it. Never again! One person at a time opens a gift and we all watch. Surprisingly, no one ever complains!

  4. Yorkshire pudding.. I have never made that before, is it difficult?

    1. It's kinda a bread made from a batter. It's not a sweet pudding at all. It's made with the drippings of the prime rib. It is sooooo not good for you and soooooo yummy! We only make it once per year, at Christmas. It's pretty easy to make but you have to have the meat drippings fist.

  5. You are hilarious!! Love the BUTTON COMMENT!! You gotta invest in ELASTIC's NOT FASIONABLE...but hey it's FORGIVING!!! HA!!!

    Love the pictures and the commentary with each one!!!

    Wishing your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  6. I just love "watching" your family through the eyes of your camera. It looks so fun and "peaceful" in a controlled chaos kind of way.

    I am not sure how to say this, and I don't want to offend. I know you did a post on this a while back but I can't find it right now.

    When I look at your pictures, I cannot imagine Mimi, Tess and Jude not there. It is like a perfect (sometimes not so perfect, I know) puzzle that is just beautiful to see.

    I know I have said it before, but I feel so blessed to be able to call you my dear friend.

    Merry Christmas, Nancy.

  7. There is nothing better than real whip cream :)
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Beautiful! Love all the fun chaos of kiddos surrounded by paper and presents!

    Merry Christmas!


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