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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just a little dialogue

crazy me:  Tess, you know I'm going to love you forever, right?

Tess:  Right.

crazy me:  I mean forever, Tess.  I'll never stop loving you no matter what.  
Do you know why I will always love you?

Tess:  Because you're big?

crazy me:  No.

Tess:  Because you're my bestie?

crazy me:  No.  Because I'm your mama.  And mamas love forever.  I'll always love you.

Tess:  That's great!  she smiles and says as she plants a big kiss on my cheek.
He has worked miracles in T&J's and now Mimi's lives; in our lives, through Him and through them.  He has revealed to us what He meant by His Commandment, "Love each other as I have loved you" (John 15:12).  I ashamedly admit that during this journey, that had someone told me how hard it would be to love someone who didn't necessarily love me back, I probably would have "passed."  And oh, the joy I would have missed!  I am so thankful for the secret things of the Lord, (Deuteronomy 29:29) that He chooses to reveal to us at the perfect time.


  1. Morning Nancy - there is a "value added" benifit to adoption - and that's the HUGE extended family to which we are all accepted - I've never met another adoptive family that would turn away if they could's just a big bunch of people who "get it".

    But I think that's a part of this - none of us would likely have started into this if we thought about all the "issues" it would cause...but...what we get back SO OUTWEIGHTS what we've put in...

    And maybe that's a part of the "common bond" between adoptive families - we know that secret - and we can share the joy of that knowing with our other fellow families...

    And that's sweet!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Well said Aus...well said. Adoption has changed my life and my heart. I feel so blessed to have "met" some of the most beautiful adoptive families this side of Heaven.

    Merry Christmas to EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!

  3. Came back to add: Those pictures of Tess are priceless!!! Love those PIGTAILS!!!

  4. another "glad I didn't know" person here. i wouldn't change it, but i don't think i would have been strong enough to pick it either. thank goodness God knew what needed to happen. :)

  5. This dialogue just warms my heart. She has come such a long way! And I love these shots of her. Precious!


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